I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Puertasaurus (Episode 130)

In our one hundred and thirtieth episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Tim Porter, Director of New Studying Assets on the Boston Kids’s Museum. The Boston Kids’s Museum just lately opened their first dinosaur exhibit, Discover-a-saurus, which integrates STEAM (Science, Know-how, Engineering, and Math) fields multi functional exhibit and teaches guests all about dinosaurs.

Episode 130 can also be about Puertasaurus, an enormous titanosaur that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now western North America.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • A superbly preserved unnamed nodosaur has gone on show on the Royal Tyrrell Museum and has a lot preserved pores and skin that the skeleton is inaccessible.
  • The primary ankylosaurid recognized with a full tail membership and cranium, Zuul crurivastator, was recovered from Montana’s Badlands and named after a monster from Ghostbusters
  • The oviraptor present in a nest within the 90’s has been repatriated to China and is formally named Beibeilong sinensis, after it’s nickname “Child Louie”
  • New dinosaur tracks present in Springtown, Texas. Probably made by a household of Acrocanthosaurus in keeping with the Perot museum
  • Dr. Michael Pittman has a brand new TEDx Speak about “Laser Simulated Fluorescence in Paleontology”
  • The 19th Biannual Convention of the Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa is scheduled for July 5th–9th 2016 and abstracts are printed
  • BBC has printed a brand new documentary known as The Day the Dinosaurs Died
  • Over 500 points from the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences are accessible through open entry proper now
  • CBC Information wrote a characteristic on Phil Currie, who has been part of dinosaur finds and analysis on all 7 continents
  • Montana Customary printed a bit about Fort Peck Interpretive Middle in Montana
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Middle in Thermopolis is present process a makeover, however continues to be open to guests and day lengthy dinosaur digs.
  • Jurassic Kingdom and its 30 animatronic dinosaurs gained’t be touring to Bristol, UK as beforehand deliberate; They’ll be staying in Birmingham till June 4th as an alternative
  • Granger, Washington shall be including one other dinosaur sculpture (a Megalosaurus) to its assortment of 33 on June third
  • A person in Jersey within the UK misplaced his job partly for making a mannequin dinosaur at work (he’s not employed as a sculptor)
  • The Federation of Leagues Towards Corrida (bullfighting) created an animation of a matador stabbing a velociraptor similarly
  • There’s a Jurassic Automotive Wash in Austin, TX with a T. rexStyracosaurusVelociraptor, and Dilophosaurus
  • Chris (founding father of Lease a Dinosaur within the UK) had a few of his dinosaurs featured within the Dinosaur Playground Tune music video

The dinosaur of the day: Puertasaurus

  • Titanosaur that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Patagonia
  • Kind species is Puertasaurus reuili
  • Named in honor of Pablo Puerta and Santiago Reuil, who found the specimen in 2001 and helped put together it
  • Described in 2006 by Fernando Novas and colleagues
  • Discovered a neck vertebra, again vertebra, and two tail vertebrae
  • Have a tendency to seek out fewer bones of bigger animals as a result of they had been in all probability scattered by scavengers and environmental components (flood, winds, storms) earlier than the physique is buried
  • Again vertebra is about 1 m (3.6 ft) tall and 1.7 m (5.6 ft) large (broadest recognized sauropod vertebra, and two-thirds of it have wing-like diapophyses, which assist the ribs, and merge with the centrum and neural backbone, to make a large spade-like form
  • In different sauropods the vertebrae just isn’t as giant and type a cross-bar form
  • One of many largest recognized dinosaurs
  • Initially estimated to be about 115-131 ft (35-40 m) lengthy, and weighed about 80-100 metric tons, now regarded as 98 ft (30 m) lengthy and weigh 50 metric tons, although some assume it was 89 ft (27 m) lengthy and weighed 60-70 metric tons
  • Not clear if Puertasaurus was one of many longest titanosaurs, but it surely appears to be comparable in measurement to Argentinosaurus (size smart)
  • The dorsal vertebra exhibits it had a extra huge rib cage than Argentinosaurus (potential that Puertasaurus would have been wider)
  • Much like titanosaurs within the group Lognkosauria (a number of the longest, heaviest dinosaurs), so Puertasaurus is said to titanosaurs reminiscent of Futalognkosaurus and Mendozasaurus
  • These titanosaurs had extra versatile necks than different titanosaurs, so it’s potential Puertasaurus might eat a wide range of crops with out having to stroll a lot (might simply eat meals in a single place, so that might assist it develop and preserve its giant measurement)
  • Earlier than Puertasaurus, scientists thought that the most important titanosaurs (Lognkosauria group) lived earlier within the Late Cretaceous, however Puertasaurus was present in early Maastrichtian deposits, which implies these giant dinosaurs might have lived all the best way to the top of the Cretaceous

Enjoyable Truth:

The large eggs that Child Louise and its kinfolk got here from have been credited to a number of totally different species over the 12 months

  • Tyrannosaurus (giant & from Asia)
  • Therizinosaurs (What the unique child Louise drawing is predicated on)
  • In 2007: Oviraptorosaurs, with the invention of Gigantoraptor which might be capable of lay the large eggs
    • (now confirmed with the recovered embryo)


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For individuals who might favor studying, see under for the complete transcript of our interview with Tim Porter:


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