I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Masiakasaurus (Episode 127)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Masiakasaurus (Episode 127)

Episode 127 is all about Masiakasaurus, a small noasaurid theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Madagascar.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • Jeff Goldblum is confirmed to be coming again to the Jurassic Park franchise in Jurassic World 2
    • And there’ll seemingly be a submarine somwhere within the film
  • Bonapartesaurus Rionegrensis, a saurolophine was found representing the uncommon Argentinian hadrosaurs
  • Researchers offered that the Stegosaurs Miragaia and Hesperosaurus needs to be thought-about there personal genus once more, should you even realized synonymizing them was proposed…
  • 70 million 12 months previous dinosaur eggs have been discovered on a constructing web site in China
  • Lurdusaurus, a probably semi-aquatic iguanodont that lived within the early Cretaceous in what’s now the western Sahara Desert was featured on Earth Archives
  • Did Sinosauropteryx and Kulindadromeus stays have feathers or collagen, a new paper says feathers
  • Ribs can be utilized as an alternative of extra useful limb bones for measuring age by counting LAGs
  • Giraffititan is getting digitized on the Museum of Pure Historical past in Berlin
  • A brand new film  based mostly on the 1958 youngsters’s e-book Danny and the Dinosaur might be popping out quickly
  • The Wyoming Dinosaur Middle in Thermopolis, is constructing a brand new eco-friendly facility, which is able to open in 3 to 4 years and will incorporate smells
  • The dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving level in Utah is putting in 1,500 photo voltaic panels
  • One other dinosaur duplicate caught hearth, this time on the island Jersey within the UK
  • On June 17, the Schiele Museum of Pure Historical past in North Carolina is opening a brand new exhibit, Dino Safari
  • A humorous, however fairly correct piece of artwork titled “Castles Manufactured from Sand” by Rhunevild received the Utahraptor competitors
  • A younger lady in Australia brought about a little bit of a hubbub after not with the ability to discover dinosaur garments within the women part of a retail retailer
  • The track “A Spherical of Applause for Dinosaurs” on YouTube is a goofy, household pleasant track

The dinosaur of the day: Masiakasaurus

  • Title means “vicious lizard”
  • Small noasaurid theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Madagascar
  • Named in 2001 by Scott Sampson, Matthew Carrano, and Catherine Forster
  • Kind species is Masiakasaurus knopfleri
  • Named after Mark Knopfler, lead singer of Dire Straits, whose music was thought-about to be the expedition crew’s fortunate attraction (they have been listening to his songs after they made necessary discoveries)
  • About 40% of the skeleton was discovered, and included elements of the cranium and the tooth, humerus, pubis, hindlimbs, and a number of other vertebrae
  • Extra specimens have been present in 2011, and included the braincase, premxilla, facial bones, ribcage, and extra, and helped scientists be taught extra about noasaurids (Masiakasaurus is now the most effective recognized noasaurids), Now 65% of the skeleton is thought
  • A number of specimens from thirty localities have been present in Madagascar
  • A part of the superfamiliy Abelisauroidea and the clade noasaurid, a gaggle of small theropods
  • Bipedal, with forelimbs that have been shorter than hindlimbs
  • About 6.6 ft (2 m) lengthy
  • Weighed about 80 lb (35 kg)
  • A 2013 research of Masiakasaurus discovered that it took 8-10 years to develop, and have become the scale of a giant canine (progress price is 40% slower than comparable sized non-avian theropods). However the gradual progress meant it didn’t need to eat as a lot meals, which helped in a semiarid atmosphere with dry seasons and brief provides of meals
  • Lengthy, lengthy cranium
  • Had a slender neck
  • Had 4 fingers on every hand, although the 4 digit was diminished, and had stout, not very sharp, claws
  • Initially, the hand bones have been considered foot bones (so scientists initially thought it had a sickle claw on its second toe), however now it’s thought-about to be a finger
  • Entrance tooth projected ahead as an alternative of straight down, (totally different from different theropods)
  • Had heterodont tooth (totally different shapes alongside the jaw)
  • It’s decrease entrance tooth are practically horizontal, and the angle of its tooth improve till its fourth tooth (the remainder of the tooth are vertical)
  • These entrance horizontal tooth haven’t been seen in different predatory dinosaurs
  • Posterior tooth have serrations and are recurved
  • Entrance tooth have been good for greedy small prey, however not good for tearing massive meals aside (again tooth have been higher for chopping and slicing)
  • In all probability had a specialised eating regimen (fish and small prey)
  • Different animals that lived in the identical time and place embody Majungasaurus, Rapetosaurus, Rahonavis
  • Majungasaurus could have preyed upon Masiakasaurus (based mostly on one specimen discovered with holes that appear like puncture marks from being hunted or scavenged, although it may even have been an an infection)

Enjoyable reality: 

The identify “fossil gasoline” can be a misnomer. The formation of oil & coal is totally totally different than fossilization.

The prevailing concept for the way crude oil shaped goes:

  • Large numbers of useless plankton, algae, and the occasional different plant or animal fall to the underside of the ocean
  • A few of them get buried earlier than they decompose (sort of like fossilization)
  • Excessive stress and warmth convert them into oil (by no means like fossilization)

In the event you’re questioning what number of dinosaurs bought combined in; As William Thomas, a geologist from the College of Kentucky put it:

“A few of the dinosaurs could have gotten concerned in a few of this…” however he thinks “it could be fairly uncommon and a really small and insignificant contribution.”


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