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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Jobaria (Episode 136)

In episode 136, we assessment Dragon Enamel by Michael Crichton.

Episode 136 can be about Jobaria, a sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now Niger, Africa.

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On this episode, we focus on:

Assessment: Dragon Enamel by Michael Crichton

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The dinosaur of the day: Jobaria

  • Sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now Niger, Africa
  • Kind species is Jobaria tiguidensis
  • Named after Jobar, an African legendary large beast. Some Tuaregs (semi-Nomadic individuals from the realm) believed Jobaria’s fossils had been Jobar’s bones
  • Some Tuaregs thought Jobaria was Jobar as a result of its uncovered bones had been in plain view
  • Species identify tiguidensis refers back to the cliff of Tiguidi, the place the fossils had been discovered
  • Named by Paul Sereno and others in 1999
  • Paul Sereno led a 4 month expedition in 1997 and located a mass dying website within the Tiourarén Formation of Niger
  • A number of specimens had been discovered (Sereno and his crew reconstructed two: one which was about 60 ft, an grownup, and a 30 ft juvenile)
  • Over 95% of Jobaria’s skeleton is preserved (one of the vital full sauropods)
  • About 60 ft (18 m) lengthy
  • Weighed about 22 tons
  • Initially thought to dwell within the early Cretaceous, however the sediments the place it was discovered had been reinterpreted to be from the center Jurassic
  • Primitive sauropod
  • Had a easy spine and tail in comparison with older North American sauropods like Diplodocus and Apatosaurus, which had complicated vertebrae and whiplash tails
  • Jobaria is an instance of a sort of dinosaur that didn’t change a lot over tens of millions of years
  • Some have labeled it as a primitive macronarian (sauropods that had been tall, like Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus), however it’s not sure
  • Had a comparatively brief (12 vertebrae), however versatile neck
  • Had spoon-shaped tooth
  • May nip at smaller branches of timber
  • Could have been capable of rear up on its hind legs, primarily based on Sereno’s comparability of the ratios of its humerus and femur circumferences with fashionable elephants (weight distribution suggests its weight was assist by its rear limbs, like in elephants, and elephants can rear up)
  • If it reared up, it might attain greater vegetation
  • Lived in the identical time and place because the carnivore Afrovenator, which had lengthy arms and will seize onto prey whereas biting into it (so might juvenile and subadults might have been prey)

Enjoyable Reality

Bentonite kinds from volcanic ash and could be very absorbent and sticky when moist. It’s discovered round dinosaur fossils in Montana like the 2 drugs formation the place we did our dig. It’s simply one of many many difficulties with making an attempt to excavate fossils within the wet season.

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