I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Guanlong (Episode 147)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Guanlong (Episode 147)

In our 147th episode, we obtained to talk with Jim Kirkland in regards to the Utahraptor Mission. (We final spoke with Jim in episode 34, Utahraptor.) The Utahraptor Mission is properly underway, and already we’re studying new issues about these dinosaurs. 

You may assist out by donating to the Utahraptor Mission on their Go Fund Me web page, at https://www.gofundme.com/utahraptor. For simply $25, you may make an enormous distinction in serving to scientists find out about these wonderful specimens. You too can hear in regards to the newest updates at https://utahraptorsite.com.

And, you possibly can study extra in regards to the space at https://www.utahgeology.org/openjournal/index.php/GIW/article/view/9.

Episode 147 can be about Guanlong, whose title means “”crown dragon.”

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On this episode, we focus on:


The dinosaur of the day: Guanlong

  • Kind species is Guanlong wucaii
  • Proceratosaurid tyrannosauroid that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now China
  • Guanlong means “crown dragon”
  • Full title means “5 coloration crown dragon”
  • Crown refers to its head crest, which is essentially the most elaborate of recognized theropods
  • Species title means “5 colours” and refers back to the colours of the rock of the Wucaiwan, the place Guanlong was discovered
  • Discovered on a joint expedition in 2002 by scientists from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology and George Washington College
  • Described and named in 2006 by Xu Xing and others
  • Discovered two people, {a partially} full grownup and an almost full juvenile, within the Chinese language Shishugou Formation
  • The 2 specimens have been discovered collectively, with one mendacity on high of the opposite. They fell right into a muddy footprint of a big herbivore, presumably Mamenchisaurus, and have been trapped. The juvenile most likely died first and was trampled by the grownup, who got here later
  • The grownup was about 12 years outdated, and reached maturity round age 7
  • The juvenile was about 6 years outdated
  • Appeared like Dilong (however with a crest), so could have had primitive feathers, like Dilong
  • The crests are skinny and delicate, and will have been used for show (could have been a unique coloration from the physique)
  • The grownup had a bigger crest, which ran from its nostrils to its eye sockets
  • The juvenile’s crest was shorter and solely on the snout, and it had longer decrease legs and bigger eyes than the grownup
  • Crest was much like the crest on Dilophosaurus and Monolophosaurus, and was very pneumatized (had plenty of air holes), although Guanlong‘s crest was extra delicate
  • One of many oldest recognized tyrannosaurs
  • Guanlong helps present that tyrannosaurs could have began in Asia
  • Labeled as a tyrannosauroid due to the form of its enamel, and options within the cranium and pelvis
  • A part of the household Proceratosauridae, which incorporates Proceratosaurus, Kileskus, and Sinotyrannus
  • About 9.8 ft (3 m) lengthy, and weighed 100-200 lbs (45-90 kg)
  • Had three fingers on its arms (in comparison with later tyrannosaurs, that had solely two)
  • In all probability hunted smaller dinosaurs and mammals
  • Could have additionally been prey for bigger dinosaurs, such because the allosaur Yangchuanosaurus
  • Lived in a seasonal local weather, with humid summers and dry winters
  • Different animals within the space embody sauropods, ornithopods, and small and huge theropods, in addition to turtles and small mammals
  • Guanlong skeleton is on the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in China
  • Can see a life-size reconstruction on the Australian Museum in Sydney
  • Can see Guanlong in Ice Age: Daybreak of the Dinosaurs (meant to be a “twist” on a Velociraptor)
  • Also can see Guanlong in Dino Loss of life Lure, a Nationwide Geographic documentary
  • There’s additionally a Guanlong dice (rubix dice). The dice is 3×3 and recognized for being clean and priced at an reasonably priced fee

Enjoyable Truth:

Primarily based on fivethirtyeight information

  • Othniel Charles Marsh named 80 species and 23 are thought-about legitimate giving him at successful fee of 28.8%; Whereas, Edward Drinker Cope named 64 species however solely 9 are nonetheless thought-about legitimate giving him successful fee of 14.1%
  • Charles H. Sternberg’s center son, Charles M. Sternberg named far fewer than cope or marsh @ 19 species however practically half of them (8) are nonetheless thought-about legitimate.
    • Higher recognized dinosaurs he described embody:
      • Ankylosaur: Anodontosaurus
      • Nodosaur: Edmontonia
      • Ceratopsian: Pachyrhinosaurus (the one with out main facial horns, however as an alternative giant flat boney bosses)
      • Hadrosaur: Brachylophosaurus (exceptionally properly preserved)
    • Lots of his discoveries have been made in Canada, and he later went on to assist set up Dinosaur Provincial Park there. Like his father Charles M. Sternberg lived a very long time (1885-1981)

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