I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Gasosaurus (Episode 163)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Gasosaurus (Episode 163)

In our 163rd episode, we received to speak with Dr. Dave Hone. He’s a lecturer in Zoology at Queen Mary College of London, and he has a weblog referred to as Archosaur Musings. (If his identify sounds acquainted, we additionally received to speak to him in episode 82, “Ouranosaurus”!)

Episode 163 can be about Gasosaurus, a tetanuran whose identify means, you guessed it, “gasoline lizard.”

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On this episode, we talk about:


The dinosaur of the day: Gasosaurus

    • Tetanuran dinosaur that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now Dashanpu, China
    • Identify means “Gasoline lizard”
    • Named in honor of the gasoline firm that discovered the Dashanpu fossil quarry in Sichuan Province (now generally known as Decrease Shaximiao Formation)
    • Present in 1985 throughout the development of a gasoline facility
    • Named by Dong Zhiming and Tang Zilu
    • Sort species is Gasosaurus constructus
    • Not many fossils discovered, so not clear precisely what it regarded like (no cranium discovered)
    • Some scientists suppose Gasosaurus and Kaijiangosaurus could also be synonyms
    • Had brief arms and powerful legs
    • About 11-13 ft (3.5-4 m) lengthy
    • Weighed round 330 lb (150 kg), although some scientists estimate it weighed as a lot as 880 lb (400 kg)
    • Regarded as a megalosaurid, however now regarded as a sinraptorid, based mostly on knowledge from undescribed specimens
    • Gasosaurus is the topic of a fantasy. On February 20, 2014, a website online printed an article that claimed a 200-million-year previous dinosaur egg had hatched in a Berlin museum as a consequence of a malfunctioning heating unit (mentioned the egg was in a storage room subsequent to the boiler room and the system overheated and began the incubation course of). Seems the article was a spoof, printed by World Information Every day Report, a website recognized for publishing fictious tales, together with “Large Housecat Now Availalbe on Market” and “Apple Pronounces Launch of Paranormal Communication Software”, in keeping with Snopes

Enjoyable Truth:

Sauropods produced about 5–10x the methane that each one ruminants (principally cows) do right now.


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