I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Australovenator (Episode 126)

Episode 126 is all about Australovenator, a megaraptoran theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Australia.

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On this episode, we talk about:

Within the information:

  • 70 million 12 months previous eggs in Argentina had been present in nests together with the stays of animals that ate them
  • 4 new specimens of practically full Anchiornis huxleyi have been present in northeastern China together with feather impressions
  • A brand new video reveals off the Moabosaurus utahensis now on show at BYU’s Museum of Paleontology in Provo, Utah
  • New tridactyl prints in Argentina present the primary proof of Anomoepus, a possible ornithischian from the early Jurassic
  • The doubtless physique and jaw of the Corythosaurus excavatus holotype has been recovered and reunited with the unique head from the holotype
  • A brand new dinosaur ancestor known as Teleocrater rhadinus was described together with its clade Aphanosauria
  • The everlasting exhibit Dinosaur Canyon has opened on the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum in Winton, Queensland, Australia
  • The College of South Carolina lately obtained a Mongolian oviraptor egg as a present which shall be on show quickly
  • Phoenix Zoo in Arizona can have a brand new exhibit this fall, known as Dinosaurs within the Desert with 23 animatronic dinosaurs
  • Augustynolophus obtained its personal Twitter account (@Augustynolophus) to share particulars about its progress in direction of turning into California’s state dinosaur
  • Smithsonain Magazine posted an article about “Jingo” the papier-mache Stegosaurus mascot of anti-war activists previous to WWI
  • In honor of Nationwide Park Week, all nationwide parks, together with Dinosaur Nationwide Monument, waived their charges this previous weekend.
  • Dilophosaurus is confirmed to be coming again in Jurassic World 2
  • Colin Trevorrow tweeted a photograph of seven dinosaur eggs in an incubator on Easter Sunday, however we don’t know what’s inside but
  • Extra movies of individuals in inflatable T. rex costumes, this week they had been strolling youngsters to highschool and taking part in golf
  • KidsFunwares has a TriceraTACO, plastic Triceratops taco holder

Banjo the Australovenator, at Australian Age of Dinosaurs

The dinosaur of the day: Australovenator

  • Megaraptoran theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Australia (Queensland)
  • Title means “southern hunter”
  • Sort species is Australovenator wintonensis
  • Species identify refers back to the township of Winton (discovered close to there)
  • Described in 2009 by Scott Hocknull and group
  • Just one identified specimen, nicknamed “Banjo” after Banjo Paterson (Australian bush poet, journalist, and writer)
  • Bush poetry is a mode that depicts the Australian bush (any sparsely-inhabited area in Australia, which Banjo revered as a supply of nationwide beliefs)
  • Banjo the Australovenator has discovered with Diamantinasaurus, a sauropod, on the Matilda web site in Australia
  • Different animals that lived on the similar time in the identical place embody fish, turtles, crocodilians, bugs, pterosaurs, ankylosaurians, hypsiolophodonts, sauropods (Diamantinasaurus and Wintonotitan). Vegetation embody ferns, ginkgoes, gymnosperms and angiosperms
  • Most full skeleton present in Australia of a carnivorous dinosaur that lived within the Cretaceous
  • Scott Hocknell known as it the “cheetah of its time” (light-weight predator)
  • Holotype contains left dentary, tooth, partial forelimbs and hindlimbs, partial proper ilium, ribs, and gastralia
  • About 6.6 ft (2 m) tall and 20 ft (6 m) lengthy, weighing 1100-2200 lb (500-1000 kg)
  • Had recurved, serrated tooth
  • Light-weight and quick, might run down prey
  • Some similarities with Fukuiraptor and Megaraptor
  • Megaraptors had been the dominant carnivorous dinosaurs in Australia within the mid-Cretaceous
  • Can see Australovenator on the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Pure Historical past

Enjoyable truth:

About 550 million years in the past (again within the Precambrian) the Bilaterian animals advanced. The frequent characteristic on this clade is that (virtually) each animal has a definite head, and are “bilaterally symmetric” that means the fitting half of the animal is a mirror of the left half. That is completely different than the group of “radially symmetric” animals like jellyfish or grownup starfish. Early Bilaterians included issues like worms, however shortly after chordates after which vertebrates advanced to incorporate fish, dinosaurs, and finally people. One place you see reference to bilaterians in paleontology is with using the phrase “postcranial”, actually after the top. Since (virtually) all Bilaterians (that are largely what fossilize) have heads, it’s a straightforward solution to consult with the remainder of the animal. One of the helpful options of dinosaurs being bilaterally symmetric is that you just technically solely want to search out one half of the animal to know precisely what it regarded like.”


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