I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Alxasaurus (Episode 142)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Alxasaurus (Episode 142)

Episode 142 is all about Alxasaurus, one of many earliest identified dinosaurs within the superfamily Therizinosauroidea.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • The nodosaur” on the Royal Tyrrell Museum has been given the official identify Borealopelta or “northern defend”
  • The titanosaur” on the American Museum of Pure Historical past has additionally been given a reputation Patagotitan or “southern large”
  • An especially thick dinosaur eggshell (as much as 4.9mm or 0.2 inches thick) was present in Spain
  • A set of dinosaur eggs near the dimensions of hen eggs was additionally described from Montana
  • Saurian has been formally launched in Early Entry on Steam
  • Robotic Rooster launched a sequence of dinosaur clips from their present
  • The  dinosaur tracks at Authorities Canyon in San Antonio, Texas have reopened to the general public
  • A person who was on a hike to plan a motorbike path discovered dinosaur bones as a substitute (possible from a hadrosaur)
  • A virtually full Chasmosaurus cranium is being moved from the Alberta badlands to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa
  • The Tumbler Ridge Museum Basis and the Peace Area Paleontology Analysis Centre acquired new funding, which is able to possible be used to broaden their assortment of digital dinosaur fashions
  • Three raptor replicas at Canberra’s Nationwide Dinosaur Museum in Australia had been vandalized
  • World Wrestling Leisure (WWE) posted footage of stars wrestling dinosaurs to have a good time “Dinosaur Day”
  • Marvel Comics commemorated Satan Dinosaur in honor of the founder’s birthday
  • The twenty third challenge of Marvel’s comedian “The Unbeatable Squirrel Lady” consists of plenty of dinosaurs
  • The creators of “Expensive Dinosaur: With Actual Letters to Learn!” are internet hosting occasions throughout the U.S. the place youngsters can write notes to the T.rex within the ebook.
  • A brand new sequence, referred to as “What’s so particular about dinosaurs?” has launched 9 books to this point with extra popping out subsequent yr
  • Trypticon, the T. rex Decepticon has been launched by Hasbro
  • Coach’s $150 dinosaur Apple Watch strap, now is available in fall colours
  • Each day Dot printed an article a few helpful silica gel sauropod telephone holder

The dinosaur of the day: Alxasaurus

  • Therizinosauroid alxasaurid theropod that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Inside Mongolia
  • One of many earliest identified dinosaurs within the superfamily Therizinosauroidea
  • Title means “Alxa Desert lizard”
  • Named after the Alxa Desert of Inside Mongolia, which is also called the “Alashan” desert
  • Discovered on a joint Canadian-Chinese language expedition in 1988
  • Described and named by Dale Russell and Dong Zhiming in 1994
  • Kind species (and solely species) is Alxasaurus elesitaiensis
  • Species identify is for Elesitai, a village within the area, close to the place Alxasaurus was found
  • 5 specimens had been discovered (discovered decrease jaw, some tooth, limb bones, ribs, vertebrae, and tail vertebrae); all kind a virtually full skeleton, minus the cranium
  • Reveals transition interval between basic theropods and extra superior therizinosaurids
  • Earlier than Alxasaurus, scientists thought therizinosaurs had been associated to sauropods
  • Appears to be like just like different therizinosaurs, but in addition just like different forms of theropods (which exhibits that therizinosaurs had been bizarre theropods). One instance of that is the semilunate carpal bone of the wrist (which permits wrists to be extra versatile), which can also be present in maniraptorans comparable to oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurs, and troodontids
  • Had a protracted neck, quick tail, and lengthy hand claws, like later therizinosauroids
  • Bipedal
  • Had no tooth, however a mouth that will have acted like a beak
  • Due to this, unclear if it was an herbivore (although most probably it was)
  • Had an agile, light-weight construct, like a carnivore
  • Had a big intestine, which can have helped it digest vegetation
  • Had giant claws, that will have helped it attain tall branches for leaves
  • If it did eat meat, it might have needed to scavenge
  • Reveals that herbivores can evolve from carnivores
  • Largest identified Alxasaurus was over 12 ft (3.8 m) lengthy. Gregory Paul estimated it to be 13 ft (4 m) lengthy and weight 400 kg
  • Different therizinosaurs had feathers (like Beipiaosaurus), so Alxasaurus could have additionally had feathers

Enjoyable Reality:

Carnotaurus had considerably shorter arms than T. rex

Carnotaurus didn’t have wrists, its metacarpals related on to its tiny forearms. 2 of its metacarpals had no finger bones after them so it successfully additionally solely had 2 fingers, which had been possible very stiff.

It’s shoulder blade was about twice so long as its complete forelimb (from shoulder to finger tip)

These tiny arms are just like a kiwi fowl which has forelimbs so quick they’re hidden underneath their feathers.

Time to cease making enjoyable of T. rex…


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