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I Know Dino Podcast: Ankylosaurus

For individuals who could not know, Ankylosaurus was a closely armored herbivore (and Garret’s favourite dinosaur).

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On this episode, we focus on:

  • The dinosaur of the day: Ankylosaurus, which implies “Fused Lizard.”
  • Ankylosaurus existed within the late Cretaceous, about 68 million years in the past.
  • Barnum Brown first found Ankylosaurus in 1908 within the Hell Creek Formation in Montana.
  • Ankylosaurus was 20 toes lengthy, weighed as much as 4 tons, and had a tiny break.
  • Paleontologists name Ankylosaurus a “dwelling tank” as a result of it had plates of bone as physique armor, just like what we see in trendy crocodiles or armadillos.
  • They’re additionally typically referred to as the “Cows of the Cretaceous” as a result of they weren’t that good and so they grazed slowly on vegetation.
  • Ankylosaurus additionally had two rows of spikes alongside its physique and horns and plates. Ankylosaurus has a tail membership that would doubtlessly break bones.
  • Ankylosaurus was so broad, predators would have needed to flip it over to discover a weak spot within the underbelly.
  • Ankylosaurus stripped leaves from vegetation, had a high velocity of 6 mph, and a robust sense of small.
  • Ankylosaurus is a part of the household Ankylosauridae; fossils of this household have been discovered on each continent however Africa.
  • Enjoyable Truth: Ankylosaurus could have been in a position to blush.

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