Honoring Indigenous Heritage at Missisquoi Nationwide Wildlife Refuge — The Nationwide Wildlife Refuge Affiliation

The 2022 O’Brien Prize represents the embodiment of our dedication to fostering inclusive conservation efforts that acknowledge and rejoice the contributions of indigenous and all numerous communities to our pure world. Donal O’Brien III, after whom the prize is called, was a fervent supporter of the Nationwide Wildlife Refuge System. He admired the dedication and effectiveness of Refuge Mates teams, and we proceed to honor his legacy by recognizing and supporting the distinctive work of organizations just like the Mates of Missisquoi Nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

As we transfer ahead, we envision a future the place wildlife conservation is intrinsically linked with cultural preservation, the place the tales of the previous echo by way of the fantastic thing about nationwide wildlife refuges. Collectively, we stand united with the Mates of Missisquoi and the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi, working hand in hand to create a extra vibrant and inclusive future for our Nationwide Wildlife Refuge System.

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