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The hippo is the biggest land mammal in Africa and probably the most harmful animals. They frequent rivers, lakes, and swamps, giving the impression that they’re masters of the water. Nevertheless, what you could not know is that hippos can’t really swim! So, how do they reside within the water?

Hippos can’t swim 1

Why can’t hippos swim?
Hippos are usually not designed for swimming. Their limbs are brief and unwebbed, making them unable to paddle within the water. They’re additionally fairly heavy, weighing a mean of 1,500 kilograms, a lot heavier than most fish. Due to this fact, hippos are usually not buoyant in water and can sink to the underside if not depend on different means.

Hippos can’t swim

How do hippos transfer by the water?
The best way hippos transfer by water is by working. They use their robust hind legs to propel themselves underwater. They’ll attain speeds of 8 kilometers per hour, which is quicker than people swimming within the water. In fact, this methodology additionally has limitations. Hippos can solely run in locations the place the water depth doesn’t exceed their very own peak, in any other case they’ll float and lose their steadiness.

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How do hippos breathe?
Though hippos can’t swim, they will dive. They’ll keep underwater for about quarter-hour earlier than surfacing to breathe. They’ve a pair of particular nostrils that shut underwater to stop water from coming into. In addition they have an intuition to robotically floor to breathe whereas sleeping while not having to get up. This fashion, the hippopotamus can relaxation peacefully within the water.
Why do hippos like to remain within the water?
Hippos prefer to be within the water for a number of causes. First, water helps them settle down. Hippos don’t have any sweat glands and can’t dissipate warmth by sweating. They’ll solely defend themselves from the solar and micro organism by a crimson secretion on their pores and skin. This secretion known as “blood sweat,” but it surely’s not really blood. Second, water offers them with a protected refuge. Though hippos are robust, they’ve pure predators reminiscent of lions, crocodiles and people. Once they encounter hazard, they’ll rapidly run to the water to cover. Lastly, water can be a spot the place they convey and mate. Hippos categorical their feelings and intentions within the water by numerous sounds and gestures.

All in all, the hippo is a mysterious and fascinating animal. Though they can’t swim, they will reside freely within the water. In case you like hippos, contemplate making a hippopotamus mannequin that may keep on land on a regular basis!

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