Fort Price Zoo Hatches Seventeen New Flamingo Chicks

Early 2023 has been a bizarre time for zoos, and for zoos throughout the Dallas–Fort Price Metroplex particularly. The surprising thefts of two emperor tamarin monkeys, in addition to the tampering with a number of enclosures, the escape of a clouded leopard, and the dying of an endangered vulture have shocked the nation and drawn its consideration to the Dallas Zoo. Now, in Dallas’s neighboring metropolis of Fort Price, some forty miles west of the Dallas Zoo, the Fort Price Zoo has introduced a much-needed bit of excellent information.

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Over the course of the final month or so, the Fort Price Zoo reviews that seventeen lesser flamingo chicks have efficiently hatched, with extra on the best way, as a part of their state-of-the-art breeding program. Lesser flamingos are the smallest species of flamingo and are notoriously troublesome to breed in captivity. Zoos all over the world wrestle with rising their lesser flamingo populations, because the birds are very reluctant to breed underneath captive circumstances. That is what makes the Fort Price Zoo’s lesser flamingo breeding facility so distinctive and particular. Because it was first established in 2002, the indoor facility has grow to be probably the most profitable lesser flamingo breeding facility in all the world.

The Fort Price Zoo attributes the success of its lesser flamingo breeding program to the addition of warmth lamps, a pool, and mirrors to the indoor breeding facility. Flamingos are recognized to be very sociable birds. They type distinct bonds with members of their flocks and are nearly by no means housed alone or in small teams. In actual fact, zoos typically make use of mirrors as a tactic to encourage flamingo consolation, and by extension breeding habits, as a result of mirrors give the phantasm {that a} flock is extra quite a few than it truly is. The sense that they’re half of a giant flock is one thing that flamingos are believed to search out comforting. It is sensible, then, that the very best lesser flamingo breeding facility on the earth would maximize its possibilities of producing chicks by offering loads of mirrors in addition to different creature comforts for the birds in query.

This 12 months’s rising batch of latest flamingo chicks convey the numbers as much as 382 lesser flamingo chicks efficiently hatched by the Fort Price Zoo since 2002. The zoo reviews that the newly hatched chicks will stay underneath fixed care till they’re sufficiently old to hitch the flamingo exhibit. In the interim, the newly hatched flamingos are receiving common feedings and care each from zoo employees and from their dad and mom. Grownup flamingos feed their younger a substance known as “crop milk” which serves an identical dietary goal to the milk produced by mammals, however which is produced within the digestive tract.

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