Episode 498: Two new dinos! And exploring dinosaurs by language

Episode 498: Two new dinos! And exploring dinosaurs by language

Episode 498: Two new dinos! And exploring dinosaurs by language. A brand new theropod dinosaur, Dornraptor, that wasn’t named after Sport of Thrones; A brand new sauropodomorph that was named after a houseboat; and an replace on Carthage Faculty’s paleo program


  • A brand new theropod dinosaur, Dornraptor normani, was named from bones found over 150 years in the past supply
  • There’s a brand new sauropodomorph from Zimbabwe, Musankwa sanyatiensis, named after a houseboat supply
  • The Carthage Institute of Paleontology will run out of funding for his or her preparator in August and their discipline program will go along with it supply

Dinosaur Connection Problem: Language


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The dinosaur of the day: Elsornis

  • Enantiornithine chook that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Mongolia (Djadokhta Formation)
  • No cranium discovered, so paleoart varies a bit
  • Some depictions seem like a roadrunner
  • Smaller than a roadrunner
  • Walked on two legs, small, had a beak
  • Discovered within the Gobi Desert
  • Effectively preserved, in three dimensions
  • Solely a partial skeleton (no cranium) has been discovered, and it contains each wings
  • Has a pneumatized furcula (air crammed cavities within the wishbone), which hadn’t actually been seen in enantiornitheans
  • Had a bend or kink within the shoulder blade
  • Within the arms, the ulna was quick in comparison with the humerus, and total the arms have been quick proportionally
  • So the higher arm was for much longer than the decrease arm
  • Proportions much like paleognaths, comparable to ostriches and emus
  • In all probability couldn’t fly, based mostly on its wing proportions
  • First proof of a flightless enantiornithine
  • Enantiornithes, “reverse birds” lived everywhere in the world in the course of the Cretaceous (has been discovered on all continents besides Antarctica)
  • Had claws on their wings and tooth
  • However seemed rather a lot like trendy birds
  • Over 80 species named of enantiornithes, although not all could also be legitimate (many named from a single bone)
  • Elsornis is the one one discovered thus far that will have been flightless
  • One other enantiornithean, Flexomornis (named in 2010), had related options to Elsornis, however not sufficient of the arms discovered so in keeping with the authors who named Flexomornis, “such a declare is probably going untimely”
  • Kind species is Elsornis keni
  • Named in 2007 by Chiappe and others
  • Genus identify Elsornis means “sand chook”
  • Species identify keni is in honor of Ken Hayashibara, who supported the Hayashibara Museum of Pure Sciences–Mongolian Paleontological Middle Joint Paleontological Expedition
  • Lived in a heat semi-arid local weather
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embody ankylosaurs comparable to Pinacosaurus, dromaeosaurs comparable to Velociraptor, halszkaraptorines comparable to Mahakala, and ornithomimids comparable to Aepyornithomimus
  • Different animals that lived across the similar time and place embody amphibians, crocodylomorphs, lizards, mammals, pterosaurs, and turtles

Enjoyable Truth:

Dinosaurs have been discovered on all 7 continents together with Antarctica.

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