Episode 427: The primary dinosaur respiratory an infection with Cary Woodruff

Episode 427: The primary dinosaur respiratory an infection with Cary Woodruff

Episode 427: The primary dinosaur respiratory an infection with Cary Woodruff. We focus on Dolly, the sauropod with the primary possible respiratory an infection in a dinosaur; Additionally, a brand new tyrannosauroid, a brand new titanosauriform, and the dinosaur with the longest neck.


  • Paleontologist Jorge Calvo handed away on January 10 of this yr supply
  • A brand new tyrannosauroid from Northeast China is the primary predatory dinosaur discovered within the space supply
  • A brand new titanosauriform, Ruixinia zhangi, had an uncommon tail supply


Cary Woodruff, a sauropod specialist and curator of Vertebrate Paleontology on the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. He not too long ago described Dolly, the primary non-avian dinosaur discovered to have a respiratory an infection. Comply with him on twitter @DoubleBeam



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The dinosaur of the day: Xinjiangtitan

  • Chinese language: 新疆巨龙 (pinyin: Xinjiangjùlóng)
  • Mamenchisaurid sauropod that lived within the Center Jurassic in what’s now Xinjiang, China (Qiketai Formation)
  • Stand out function is its extraordinarily lengthy neck
  • Neck was even longer than Mamenchisaurus (one Mamenchisaurus species neck is estimated to be about 39 ft or 12 m lengthy)
  • Xinjiangtitan’s neck is estimated to be as much as 49 ft (15 m) lengthy
  • Had the longest neck amongst mamenchisaurids, which are identified thus far
  • Different dinosaurs on the market that will have had longer necks, however we don’t have sufficient fossils to substantiate (for instance, Supersaurus could have had a neck that was as much as about almost 56 ft or 17 m lengthy)
  • Estimated to be about 98 to 105 ft (30 to 32 m) lengthy and weigh 40 metric tons
  • Thighbone discovered is about 5.4 ft (1.65 m) lengthy
  • Had comparatively quick hind limbs
  • Additionally had a protracted, whip like tail, and stood on 4 columnar legs
  • Kind species is Xinjiangtitan shanshanesis
  • Discovered an incomplete skeleton, however features a very full vertebral column (the neck), and a virtually full tail
  • Additionally a part of the cranium, a part of the pelvis, and a lot of the left hind limb
  • Fossils present in 2012 by a joint expedition between Jilin College, Shenyang Regular College, and Xinjiang Geological Survey Institute
  • Described in 2013 by Wu Wen-hao and others
  • Genus title refers to Xinjiang
  • Species title refers back to the various title for Shanshan, the county the place it was discovered (named after the Shanshan Kingdom)
  • Initially described with solely two neck vertebrae, along with different vertebrae and a part of the pelvis and hind limb
  • Zhang and others redescribed all the fabric and included the 18 neck vertebrae in 2018 (components of the skeleton have been left unexposed and unexavacted the primary time round)
  • Extra fossils excavated in 2014 and 2015
  • Most full vertebral (spinal) column present in Asia, thus far
  • Vertebrae have been all discovered articulated, in situ
  • Neck had 18 vertebrae, which collectively is estimated to be about 49 ft (15 m) lengthy, in response to Zhang and others in 2018
  • Some definitions, because of Sauropod Vertebra Image of the Week:
  • The principle a part of the vertebra is the centrum
  • There’s a ball within the entrance of the centrum, known as the condyle
  • There’s a socket behind the centrum, known as the cotyle
  • The condyle and cotyle match collectively
  • There’s a spread for the way lengthy the neck was, based mostly on whether or not you utilize the minimal or most centrum size in your calculations (based mostly on whether or not or not you embody the entrance, or anterior, condyle, as a result of generally they’re utterly buried within the cotyles, and generally, like in camels, they don’t attain one another) and the way a lot cartilage you assume was within the neck
  • Zhang and others used the utmost centrum lengths
  • Matt Wedel on Sauropod Vertebra Image of the Week estimated the neck to be nearer to about 44 ft or 13.4 m lengthy (utilizing the minimal centrum lengths), partly based mostly on condyles being buried within the cotyles in a pair vertebrae
  • Kind specimen is on the Shanshan Geological Museum

Enjoyable Reality:

The primary ever mounted dinosaur show drew large crowds, however it remained the one mounted skeleton for 15 years.

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