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Dinosaur Birthday Cake with “Raptor” Claws

Dinosaur Birthday Cake with “Raptor Claws”

Staff members at The whole lot Dinosaur tried to bake a birthday cake for a member of the family however left it on a cooling tray too lengthy. Having eliminated the baked cake from the oven, it was deposited on a cooling rack. Sadly, the new cake grew to become marked by the bars on the cooling rack. Inadvertently, we had created a dinosaur birthday cake full with “raptor” claw marks.

A dinosaur birthday cake complete with claw marks.
The cake appears prefer it has been attacked by a dinosaur. Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur.

Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

A spokesperson from The whole lot Dinosaur commented:

“It was simply serendipity. We didn’t intend to create the marks within the muffins that we had baked, it occurred accidentally. Nonetheless, we have been quite impressed with the end result. The cake appears prefer it has been clawed by the three-clawed hand of a dinosaur.”

For fashions and replicas of fossils together with dinosaur claws and enamel: Replicas of Iconic Fossils, Dinosaur Claws and Tooth.

As soon as adorned the cake seemed fairly presentable. It was quickly eaten however no less than while it lasted, we could possibly be comforted with the thought that we had produced a cake that was “on model”.

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