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Breeding Crested Pigeons in Broome – 10,000 Birds

Crested Pigeons – Ocyphaps lophotes are very widespread all through Australia and might simply be noticed in Broome on the streetlights on a wintery morning. The Crested Pigeons take pleasure in cooling off beneath the sprinklers within the parks and gardens on sizzling days too. Regardless of this text saying that they construct a fragile nest we have now noticed way more substantial nests right here in Broome. Contemplating Broome typically experiences cyclones and robust winds it does make sense for the birds to construct a extra substantial nest to outlive the acute climate.

Crested Pigeons solely lay two eggs and the nest we noticed in our native park efficiently hatched out two younger. The nest was fairly full as soon as the Crested Pigeons have been able to fledge. The Crested Pigeon would have incubated the eggs for twenty one days. Initially one of many younger Crested Pigeons moved up out of the bottom of the nest after which they each moved to sit down on either side of the grownup.

Crested Pigeon on the nest

One younger and an grownup Crested Pigeon seen within the nest

Two younger and an grownup Crested Pigeon within the nest

Crested Pigeons out of the nest

The grownup Crested Pigeon has a for much longer group of head feathers and you need to watch out whenever you {photograph} the species that you simply don’t “chop it off” within the course of! The Crested Pigeon household remained within the tree away from hazard for fairly a while with each mother and father current.

Though Crested Pigeons are fairly a typical fowl Australia-wide you don’t all the time discover a nest, in order that you’ll be able to observe the household develop. The Crested Pigeon will breed at any time of yr if the situations are proper.

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