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Birding Tongli Wetland Park – 10,000 Birds

Tongli is an historic water city in Jiangsu province about one hour away from Shanghai by automobile (see right here for some pictures of town). Its minor declare to fame among the many water cities round Shanghai is its intercourse museum – a little bit of a rarity in historically prudish China. Nevertheless, for birders not completely interested by Japanese Tits, the close by Tongli Nationwide Wetland Park is certainly extra related.

For instance, to see the lovable Rufous-faced Warbler whose high-pitched trilling sound could be heard steadily.

It might be troublesome to determine by its Latin species title solely although – albogularis means white-throated, which does probably not strike me as this species’ essential attribute.

Additionally, isn’t precisely the a part of the hen that I might consider because the throat black moderately than white?

Tellingly, the eBird description of the warbler doesn’t point out a white throat in any respect: “A colourful songbird, inexperienced above, white beneath, with orange face, pale yellow breast band, black lateral crown stripes, and sparse black streaking on the throat.”

(Word additionally the best way eBird talks about an orange moderately than a rufous face, appropriately, I believe – “rufous” is outlined as “a colour which may be described as reddish-brown or brownish-red” by Wikipedia).

You may inform that the creator of this publish is a German, what with all this whining about minor errors … I suppose after shedding two world wars in a row, Germans are inclined to have a barely embittered worldview.

Anyway, my guess is that the pictures present a male as whereas the sexes look related, the feminine has a whiter throat, noticed with black, in accordance with the HBW.

If this species was an individual, it might in all probability be described as affected by ADHD – the ornithologists of the HBW as an alternative state that it “appears hyperactive, restlessly flicking wings and flaring tail”. For hen photographers, this implies to greatest carry additional digicam batteries and be ready to delete about 90% of all pictures taken of the hen, as they’ll solely present empty inexperienced areas (or bamboo branches – this warbler moderately likes bamboo).

The Silver-throated Bushtit additionally strikes quick (although not fairly as quick because the warbler) – however the photographer’s job was a bit simpler because the grownup birds needed to return to a nest (birds haven’t invented cell nests but).

Due to F. for mentioning this nest – I might not have discovered it myself.

So far as I can inform, there have been solely two adults at this nest – apparently, about 30% of all nests even have one or two helpers, often male birds.

One downside of getting a helper at your nest (a minimum of for a male hen) is that it could enhance the chance of extra-pair paternity. In one research, this occurred in about 33% of bushtit nests, leading to about 7% of chicks not associated to the daddy.

Unusually, that research additionally concludes that regardless that 25% of all cooperative breeding nests had offspring from helpers, the “direct reproductive profit shouldn’t be a possible main motive for the existence of the helpers”. 25% shouldn’t be so unhealthy, I might assume – significantly on condition that in a associated species (long-tailed tit), many helpers are birds whose personal nesting makes an attempt have failed.

The Speckled Piculet is a finances model of a woodpecker, measuring solely about 9 to 10.5 cm and weighing solely about 9 –13.2 g. I do know it’s a bit arduous to determine what such a weight means precisely, so that can assist you, I’m supplying you with some reference worth: Donald Trump’s weight is about 110 kg, making him about 10,000 occasions heavier than a Speckled Piculet.

The piculet could be surprisingly noisy when drumming, although not as noisy as ex-president Trump.

eBird describes the Speckled Piculet as a “tiny” woodpecker whereas Marco Rubio as soon as said that Donald Trump has “small palms”.

The photograph beneath presumably exhibits a male hen given its rufous-orange to yellow brow. In distinction, regardless that ex-president Trump has orange hair, this doesn’t undoubtedly determine him as a male human.

The opposite species within the genus of Picumnus are all within the Americas, with the Speckled Piculet the one one in Asia. In distinction, Donald Trump could be discovered virtually completely within the Americas and really hardly ever in Asia.

The species title innominatus means “unnamed”, which is sort of bizarre title for a reputation. In distinction, the title Donald shouldn’t be a bizarre title for a moderately cartoonish particular person.

Fortuitously, there are additionally a number of simpler birds at Tongli. Equivalent to Pink-flanked Bluetail (right here, a male) …

… and Scaly-breasted Munia. Neither of those two species has ever voted for, or ever plans to vote for, Donald Trump.


Nor do (presumably) the members of The Nationwide. Whereas I’ve to confess I used to be a bit disillusioned by the primary two singles off the brand new album (to be launched on Apr 28), the third one, “Eucalyptus“, is best. The lyrics (apparently a division of possessions after a breakup) are rather more what I might anticipate for me in such a state of affairs – unhappiness moderately than indignant discussions:

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