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Bear Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Maybe some of the highly effective and fearsome mammals on this earth, bears have lengthy been admired for his or her fearlessness and awe-inspiring power. From historical legends connecting bears to unconquerable warriors to teddy bears which guard and luxury youngsters by the night time, the bear is a beast which conjures up braveness. On this article, we’ll have a look at among the main themes and symbols related with bears in addition to among the many myths and legends which function them. There may be clearly far an excessive amount of to say about bears for us to cowl it multi function article, however hopefully we’ll handle to the touch on the highlights!

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Bear symbolism and which means

The obvious little bit of symbolism connected to bears is power. It’s estimated that an grownup Grizzly Bear can carry over 1,100 kilos of weight (or about 500 kilograms). A single swipe from a Grizzly Bear’s paw is alleged to have the ability to snap the backbone of a wolf. It’s no surprise that these large mammals are on the high of the meals chain of their habitats. The chunk power of sure species of bears is alleged to be highly effective sufficient to crush a bowling ball. (1)(2)

Whereas it doesn’t occur typically, individuals are no match for bears and do fall prey to them occasionally. Bears typically symbolize the very important significance of respecting the highly effective forces of nature from a secure distance. Bears usually are not malicious creatures. They’re merely wild and must be allowed to be wild with as little human interplay as doable. (3)

On an identical notice, bears are sometimes related with stewardship of nature basically. Smokey the Bear is the mascot of wildfire prevention. The World Wildlife Fund is represented by the Panda Bear because of the conservation struggles that this species has confronted. Moreover, the local weather disaster is commonly represented by Polar Bears, that are adversely affected by the melting of the polar icecaps. (4)(5)


Teddy bears have been invented as an homage to an occasion throughout which president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a captive bear. Roosevelt thought it was too “unsportsmanlike” to shoot the bear, which was tied to a tree. This occasion impressed the primary so-called Teddy bear. These days, Teddy bears are regarded as cuddly nighttime companions which defend sleeping youngsters from unhealthy goals. Due to this, bears are related to heat, cuddles, childhood, and sleep. (6)

Many bears have interaction in hibernation. This can be a observe by which bears preserve vitality in the course of the lengthy winter months by sleeping by them. Meals is much less obtainable in winter, so the bears retailer up physique fats and sleep till spring returns. So, bears could characterize laziness, vitality storage, sleep, or sluggishness.

Bear Native American symbolism

As a result of bears will proceed to struggle for survival, even after sustaining severe wounds, some Native American tribes affiliate the bear with therapeutic and drugs. Many tribes additionally look in the direction of bears as guardian spirits and symbols of nice power. (7)

Bears are some of the frequent clan animals all through a lot of the Americas. A number of tribes have bear clans and these tribes look to the power and energy of the bear as an emblem of their heritage.


In accordance with Mi’kmaq legend, bears spend the winter months within the spirit world. Throughout their lengthy hibernation, bears enterprise to this world with a view to carry drugs again to the folks. That’s the reason there’s a feast every spring when the bear returns from its religious journey. (8)

In accordance with Menominee legends, weak, drained, or chilly hunters may sometimes enter the den of a bear and cuddle with the animal till they gained their power again. The bear is known as “Brother Bear” and is considered a benevolent presence. (9)

There are lots of extra bear legends which cowl a variety of subjects, morals, and themes. Many bear legends mythologize the motherly devotion of the feminine bear. Some legends deal with bears as tricksters whereas others see them as sluggish oafs. In most tales, although, the bear is an animal which instructions respect. (10)

Bear Japanese Symbolism

In China, the Panda Bear is commonly carefully related with concepts like persistence and prosperity. Pandas are an emblem of nationwide id and are some of the well-known and beloved Chinese language animals.

In accordance with legend, the function of the bear in Chinese language tradition was elevated by the “Yellow Emperor.” The Yellow Emperor, also called Huangdi is a mythological determine with nice significance in Chinese language tradition. He’s stated to have introduced silk to China in addition to many different helpful innovations. The bear is an emblem that was supposedly adopted by Huangdi. (11)(12)


For the native Ainu folks of Japan, the bear is among the most vital animals round. The Ainu folks imagine the bear to be the “god of the mountains.” The bear god is known as “Kim-un Kamui.” Many Ainu teams relied closely on searching bears for survival. When a bear was hunted it was believed that the bear was really a god in disguise. The gods have been believed to disguise themselves as animals and permit themselves to be hunted with a view to present meat and different helpful issues to the Ainu folks. Treating bears respectfully and thanking them for his or her sacrifice is a serious ritualistic facet of Ainu tradition. (13)

Bear Christianity symbolism

Within the Bible, bears seem as symbols of may and ferocity. Most of those situations deal with bears as monstrous being deserving of worry, nevertheless unable to hurt these whom God protects. In a single passage, the bear acts on the orders of God and punishes a gaggle of youngsters who have been harassing one among his followers.

“However David stated to Saul, “Your servant has been retaining his father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear got here and carried off a sheep from the flock, I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it.”‘

— 1 Samuel 17:34-35 (14)


“Hushai replied to Absalom, “The recommendation Ahithophel has given will not be good this time. You already know your father and his males; they’re fighters, and as fierce as a wild bear robbed of her cubs. Apart from, your father is an skilled fighter; he won’t spend the night time with the troops. Even now, he’s hidden in a cave or another place. If he ought to assault your troops first, whoever hears about it’ll say, ‘There was a slaughter among the many troops who observe Absalom.’”

— 2 Samuel 17:7-9 (15)

“From there Elisha went as much as Bethel. As he was strolling alongside the street, some boys got here out of the city and jeered at him. “Get out of right here, baldy!” they stated. “Get out of right here, baldy!” He circled, checked out them and referred to as down a curse on them within the identify of the Lord. Then two bears got here out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.  And he went on to Mount Carmel and from there returned to Samaria.”

— 2 Kings 2:23-25 (16)

Whereas bears are usually portrayed as unfavorable, the Bible does acknowledge the unimaginable power of the bear. On a couple of event, believers are urged to belief in God to guard them from such fierce creatures. (17)

Bear Celtic symbolism

The bear is strongly related with power and management in a lot of Celtic symbolism. The legendary King Arthur’s identify comes from the outdated Welsh phrases “arth” which means “bear” and “gwr” which means “man.” Arthur is considered embodying the power and energy of the mighty bear. (18)


The Celtic bear goddess, Artio, was honored by druids as the last word image of the hunt and of the awe-inspiring energy of nature.

Bears are related to warriors, kings, and hunters. They’re the animal that’s most related with nice leaders and sensible management. (19)

Bear African symbolism

Whereas bears usually are not present in Africa, there are legends surrounding a bear-like cryptid which is named the “Nandi Bear.” Individuals declare that the Nandi Bear roams Kenya and East Africa and menaces individuals who discover themselves alone on the Savannah. The Nandi Bear is often described as resembling a mix of a Grizzly Bear or Brown Bear and a large hyena. (20)


Bear in goals

Dreaming of a bear could be an indication that you have to collect your power for an upcoming trial. Bears spend the autumn season conserving and storing vitality with a view to be able to face the unforgiving chilly of winter. Bears retailer fats after which hibernate to let these lean occasions move them by. Dreaming of a bear could also be a reminder to each get pleasure from and make good use of occasions of a lot and be ready for troublesome occasions which can observe.


Bear goals might also characterize a scenario the place one feels overpowered or helpless. Bears are just too robust for people to face and must be given loads of distance. Dreaming of a bear can point out hazard or nervousness. (21)

Desires involving Teddy bears relate to childhood and innocence.

Bear encounters and omens

Encounters with bears are a severe and harmful enterprise. They shouldn’t be sought out or taken frivolously. At secure distances, bears could remind us of the wild fantastic thing about nature, however when they’re too shut, they’re a serious trigger for concern.


Encountering bears may point out curiosity, as bears are very interested by their environment and like to discover and get into bother.

A bear encounter might also relate to household or motherhood. Mom bears are notoriously protecting and fierce. An encounter with a household of bears may consult with an overprotective mum or dad.

Bear mythology and folklore

Bears seem in mythology from all over the world. In accordance with Greek mythology, the Ursa Main constellation was fashioned when an attractive lady named Callisto was reworked right into a bear. Callisto’s magnificence had attracted the eye of Zeus which made his spouse, Hera, jealous. Hera reworked Callisto right into a bear, separating her from her household. On this kind, Callisto wandered round till she noticed her son searching within the woods in the future. Forgetting that he wouldn’t acknowledge her, Callisto bounded as much as her son who shot the charging bear. Taking pity on poor Callisto, Zeus rescued her and turned each Callisto and her son into bears. To guard them from Hera, Zeus positioned them within the sky as stars. (22)


Beowulf, the Danish hero from the self-titled epic poem, is related with bears. Beowulf’s named means “bee wolf,” which is one other approach of claiming “bear.” In accordance with legend, Beowulf was an important hero who slew a number of fearsome monsters earlier than dying in his remaining battle with a dragon. (23)(24)

Bear spirit animal

In case your spirit animal is a bear then you might be possible a robust chief and a level-headed one that will not be troubled by minor obstacles. The bear spirit animal can endure any scenario and isn’t deterred by setbacks.

Individuals with the bear as their spirit animal are strong-willed and could also be cussed at occasions. The bear spirit animal will not be accustomed to backing down. Because of this in battle conditions, folks could discover the bear spirit to be pushy or aggressive. The bear spirit is really protecting and won’t abandon its sense of justice. (25)

Bear totem animal

The bear totem animal is related to vitality, therapeutic, and relaxation. The bar totem is highly effective, however it will not be capable of keep this energy with out storing up vitality and resting throughout troublesome occasions. Individuals with the bear totem are high-achievers who should heal and recharge with a view to keep their tempo.


The bear totem is an skilled at leisure. Individuals with this totem animal like to unwind and revel in a serene surroundings. They’re introverted and would fairly be alone in a scorching bathtub than partying with pals. (26)

Bear energy animal

The ability of the bear is uncooked power. There are few animals which may even come near matching the bear in terms of pure muscle. Having the bear as an influence animal is a uncommon and distinctive reward. Individuals with the bear as their energy animal have the psychological fortitude to deal with something that life throws at them.


The bear energy animal is protecting above all else. Individuals with the bear energy animal are pushed by the urge to defend the issues that matter to them with their total life.

Bear tattoo which means

A bear tattoo could characterize power, management, consolation, or endurance. For a mum or dad, a bear tattoo could characterize the loving and protecting bond of the “Mama Bear” and her cubs.

A bear tattoo might also characterize conservation, stewardship, or ecology.

Bear tattoos which are extra cartoonish or fairytale-oriented could characterize story-telling, innocence, or childhood.


There are one million bear tales which we weren’t capable of cowl right here. You would dedicate a whole web site to the dialogue of bears in fairytales and people legends. From Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Winnie the Pooh, bears appear to be a fan-favorite animal in terms of storytelling. It isn’t laborious to see why. The truth is, legends like Beowulf, remind us that our ancestors have been drawn to those unimaginable beasts for hundreds of years upon centuries.


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