Animal Magnetism: Do Animals Really feel Love?

Are animals romantic?

As Valentine’s Day approaches I’ve been fascinated with whether or not animals expertise the identical feelings that we do. And, particularly, whether or not they really feel love in the identical method?  

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Animal emotions

As somebody who has spent my life observing animals and birds within the wild, I imagine they do, though clearly they aren’t as clever. I feel we share all the identical feelings – grief, lust, worry and love -and all of the refined emotions in between. This advanced vary of feelings is a essential a part of survival. Some species, as an example, kind life-long bonds to boost their younger. Their offspring rely on their mother and father to work collectively as a pair to defend and feed them. Nevertheless it’s not all about discovering a mate and a  territory.  


Elephants grieve

It’s well-known that elephants, as an example, expertise grief and can mourn the lack of considered one of their herd by visiting their stays in ‘elephant graveyards’ for some years afterwards, stroking the bleached bones of the useless with their trunks in mournful vigil.

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Not so totally different to us

The hyperlink between people and chimpanzees has been nicely documented.  Comparisons of our genetic blueprints present that we share 96% of our DNA sequence with these apes. I’ve been trekking with chimps in Tanzania and it truly is superb to see how comparable their actions are to ours. Nearer to residence, I’ve seen nearly the identical vary of feelings as people expertise expressed by British wildlife.

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Badger love

The animal kingdom spends an excessive amount of vitality and energy in courtship and territorial defence.  It’s in every single place from chicken track, to the roar of a stag or the colorful and chic plumage of a kingfisher. For proof of subtler  emotional bonding, you solely have to look at a clan of badgers on a heat summer time’s night grooming each other while their cubs play about them. Their social buildings are fairly advanced and rely on the necessity to kind a cohesive group with a purpose to defend their territory from rival clans. In order that they spend a variety of time grooming and scent marking one another as a method of reaffirming their connections. Actually, its ‘you scratch my again and I’ll scratch yours’.

Motherly love

I spent per week watching a fox increase her 5 cubs and witnessed envy and smugness too. The vixen fairly clearly had a favorite cub, a feminine, which she groomed extra and spent extra time with than the others, and this little cub had grown proud and spoiled in consequence. Sooner or later I watched this favorite cub goad and tease a bigger male sibling with a pigeon feather which she held in her mouth. The bigger male took chase however he couldn’t fairly match her agility and, disgruntled at the truth that he was unable to take her prized feather, slunk off sulkily. The little cub gleefully took up her place subsequent to her mom and there’s little doubt she was gloating.

Grebe romance is spectacular

And as for love, it’s laborious to disregard the huge array of advanced courtship rites practised by birds. Nice crested grebes have probably the most elaborate courtship dance of all Britain’s birds. It includes rigorously choreographed shows of head shaking, diving, ritualised preening, some critical feather fluffing and a spectacular ‘reed dance’ finale.You possibly can see these mating dances proper now on lakes and ponds and they’re fascinating to look at as a result of, unusually, the females take nearly as energetic a task because the males.

Owl romances

I’ve been feeding a pair of tawny owls from my backyard chicken desk for some years now and I commonly watch them out of my kitchen window. One evening final month I turned my safety gentle on and noticed the pair on the backyard fence sitting so shut to one another they have been touching. The male started to frivolously preen the feminine’s facial disc and I might hear her ‘churring’ with pleasure as she moved her face round to ensure he preened simply the suitable spot.These birds don’t truly begin to lay eggs till March so it was early for pre-nesting courtship. As a substitute these two have been having fun with the straightforward pleasure of bodily contact. 

Animal defence

Within the spring and summer time if I am going anyplace close to this pair’s nest the male swoops down and assaults me. Twice he has truly knocked a series noticed helmet off my head and as soon as his claws punctured my again in eight locations! This tawny owl clearly has fiercely robust emotions of safety in direction of his chicks and I’ve discovered now to remain nicely clear. And these little ‘mini-dramas’ usually are not restricted to courtship rituals, additionally they contain the extra refined twists of jealousy and  betrayal.

Animal jealousy

Take as an example the day I watched an untrue curlew skulk away after his mate caught him taking part in away from residence. I used to be in Teesdale on the time watching a black grouse lek, itself an intricate and complicated mating dance, once I noticed a feminine curlew on her nest. There was one thing about her stressed behaviour that caught my eye. It was as if she simply couldn’t focus on the job of incubating her eggs. 

Untrue male curlew is challenged by each females.

Then I observed that she was watching her mate intently. She appeared so agitated that she would usually go away her eggs unattended and fly over to affix him the place he was feeding. Then one morning, after a number of days of this uncommon behaviour, I realised what all of the fuss was about. I noticed the male close to my conceal feeding with one other feminine. Curlew males supposed to face guard while their mates sit on their eggs however he was clearly flirting.

And revenge

As I watched him, he started to posture and showcase his dimension to the brand new feminine. His mate clearly wasn’t going to face for this and she or he left her nest and flew throughout to affix them. At this level he started to look very uncomfortable and began to strut round selecting up moss and grass together with his lengthy curved beak and flicking it up into the air in a futile try and distract the 2 females. In the long run, like the 2 wronged  heroines that they have been, the ladies rounded on him and he shortly scarpered leaving them to battle it out amongst themselves.


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