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Aardvarks – the architects of the African bush

I’d been attempting to get my head round a weblog matter for this month. It shouldn’t have been troublesome given the drama and unpredictable habits of the Mkhuze Wild Canines these previous couple of weeks. Nonetheless, placing all of it down on paper didn’t come simply to me. I then began sifting by way of a couple of digital camera entice photographs after I got here throughout one in all an Aardvark. I had my matter!

Aardvark caught by a digital camera entice

The phrase Aardvark interprets to ‘earth pig’, which in my view, hits the nail on the top. It’s an odd wanting animal with a thick tail, giant ears and a pig-like snout. It’s a solitary animal that strikes all through the night time and is subsequently is seen solely on uncommon events. What individuals don’t understand although, is the ecological significance that this unusual character has in our ecosystem.

Aardvark also known as 'Earth Pig'

The first purpose for that is their capacity to dig. With the power to dig by way of cement like substrate, sooner than two males with a spade, the aardvark may be nicknamed the ‘excavator.’ Their survival nevertheless is dependent upon their digging skills, whether or not it’s for meals; escaping from a predator or just digging a gap to dwell in. These aren’t the the explanation why I argue that the Aardvark is the unsung hero of the African bush. It’s fairly that their deserted holes create the properties for plenty of totally different animals.

The disused burrows are utilized by plenty of totally different species; 17 mammal species, two forms of reptiles and a few totally different birds. Included on this checklist are hyenas, jackal, warthog, porcupines, bats, owls and most significantly the WILD DOG.

The underground tunnels that an Aardvark builds may be so long as 10 meters, offering a great dwelling to a feminine Wild Canine and her pups. When a number of holes have been dug, there are generally different holes for the remainder of the Wild Canine pack to lie and hold heat through the chilly winter months.

The deserted Aardvark gap then turns into their den or ‘base camp’ the place the pack can elevate the pups and hold them secure on the identical time. Whereas the mom normally stays with the pups on a everlasting foundation, the remainder of the pack will carry meals again and make sure the alpha feminine is effectively fed.

One begins to query how a Wild Canine would go about denning if Aardvarks didn’t exist! In fact Wild Canines are probably the most superior animals and would make an alternate plan however the arrange {that a} single Aardvark can present for a pack of canine is priceless. It’s one thing that even people, with all their know-how, couldn’t beat. I subsequently wish to applaud the Aardvark inhabitants for his or her laborious work and thank them for offering a secure dwelling to our much-loved Wild Canines!

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