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A chicken retains flying into my window or automotive mirror, on goal. What ought to I do?

A California Towhee attacks its reflection in a car mirror. Photo by hawk person via Birdshare.
A California Towhee assaults its reflection in a automotive mirror. Photograph by hawk individual by way of Birdshare.

The conduct you point out usually happens in spring and early summer season. That is the time of 12 months when most birds set up their territories, discover a mate, lay eggs, and lift younger. To make sure success, they defend their territory aggressively, and can assault and attempt to drive away any chicken they view as a attainable competitor or a risk to their younger. Once they see their very own reflection in your window, they assume they’re seeing a competitor and assault the picture. The species most probably to do that are people who nest near homes, corresponding to American Robins, Northern Cardinals, bluebirds, California Towhees, Chipping Sparrows, and Music Sparrows. Each women and men have interaction on this.

Fortuitously, this conduct often dissipates inside a number of days or, at most, weeks. However whereas it lasts, the chicken could exhaust and even harm itself, and it distracts the chicken from much more essential actions. And this conduct might be extraordinarily annoying for the individuals witnessing it.

To do away with the reflection, it’s essential to alter the surface of the window. You possibly can cowl it with netting, material, or newspaper, or smear cleaning soap streaks on the glass. If you’re now not seeing the chicken close by you’ll be able to take away this. Typically, rubber snakes frighten birds away, at the very least briefly—though like every object that doesn’t transfer, the birds get used to seeing them.

We’ve extra details about defending your birds from home windows right here.

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