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A Baja Endemic, the Grey Thrasher – 10,000 Birds

With its brilliant yellow eyes, and daring arrow formed breast markings, the Grey Thrasher, Toxostomsa cincerum is one among my favourite images targets. This comparatively giant chicken, 10-11 inches, makes for a fairly simple identification with in its area. The scale, bigger down curved invoice, and the actual fact that it’s the solely thrasher on the southern Baja actually helps.

The Grey Thrasher is polytypic, and the 2 subspecies are divided by the 2 main areas of the Baja. T. c. cinereum is discovered the place I stay, on the southern half of the Baja, beneath latitude 28° N. The T. c. mearnsi may be discovered on the northwestern a part of the Baja, from 28° N. to 31° N. Whereas each subspecies are fairly related in look, the northern mearnsi tends to have a heavier, darker breast markings.

The voice, very like all thrashers is extraordinarily various, from a comfortable whirring, to a gravelly cherk. A lot of the vocalizations are carried out in threes, and I discover the there may be fairly a little bit of customized melodies, from chicken to chicken.



The younger birds are barely extra muted in coloration, and don’t get their mother and father brilliant yellow eyes, till they attain maturity.



I’ve discovered them, not less than on this space, to be some what territorial, and simple to find. This makes it very good for each time I want a brand new set of photographs, or simply wish to get my Baja endemic repair.



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