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7 Varieties of Falcons Present in the USA! (2023)

What sorts of falcons can you discover in the USA?

common species of falcons in the united states

Fortunate for you, irrespective of the place you reside in the USA, it is best to be capable of discover at the very least a number of falcon species close by!

Falcons are unbelievable birds of prey which can be identified for his or her pace and distinctive searching skills. For instance, nothing on the planet is quicker than a Peregrine Falcon when it’s diving for prey. These unbelievable raptors have been recorded at speeds as much as 200 mph (320 km/h)!

Beneath is a listing of the 7 sorts of falcons in the USA!

Be sure that to concentrate to the vary maps to see which falcons dwell close to you! For every species, I’ve included a number of pictures, together with their commonest sounds, that will help you determine any birds you’re fortunate sufficient to look at.

#1. Peregrine Falcon

common falcons in the united states


Peregrine Falcons may be discovered in all places in the USA, and are literally positioned on each continent besides Antarctica. Due to their fondness of nesting on the edges of tall buildings, these falcons are widespread in cities the place they will grow to be fairly the native celebrities!


There may be little shade differentiation amongst particular person birds and sexes.  Each women and men have a slate gray/bluish-black again with faint barring. Their chest is white to tan with skinny darkish strains.  Immature birds are sometimes a lot browner than adults. Like virtually all species of falcons, females are bigger than males.


Peregrine Falcon Vary Map

peregrine falcon range map


Peregrine Falcons have the dignity of being the FASTEST animal on the planet!


Don’t be fooled by tales that the cheetah is the quickest creature. Oh certain, they will crank it as much as 75 mph (120 kph), and that’s wonderful for being on the bottom.  However when a Peregrine Falcon dives, it will possibly attain speeds of as much as 200 mph (320 kph)! And it begins its journey from as excessive as 3,000 ft, so it cruises at these excessive speeds for a substantial distance.




On the excessive speeds that these falcons can journey, their lungs ought to inflate and burst. However as a result of they’ve a bony bump of their nostril, it disrupts the airflow similar to the dome form on the entrance of a jet engine.  Nature by no means ceases to amaze!


Peregrine Falcons primarily eat different birds. Actually, at the very least 450 several types of birds have been documented as their prey. They aren’t choosy and take virtually something they will catch, together with geese, gulls, pigeons, and songbirds. These raptors have been noticed killing people as small as a hummingbird, and as massive as a Sandhill Crane. When they don’t seem to be consuming birds, it’s widespread for these birds of prey to hunt bats.

You gained’t hear a Peregrine Falcon make a lot noise, apart from round its nesting web site as an alarm name. It feels like “kack-kack-kack-kack.” Press the PLAY button above to listen to an instance!


Size: 13-23 inches / 34-58 cm

Weight: 12-53 oz. / 330-1500 gm

Wingspan: 29-47 inches / 74-120 cm


#2. American Kestrel

common falcons in the united states


The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon in the USA and is roughly the scale of an American Robin. Don’t let the tiny stature idiot you, although, as a result of this raptor is an completed hunter.


You might have heard of a kestrel’s alternate identify, which is the Sparrow Hawk. This identify was given as a result of they’ll take sparrows and different birds of that measurement proper out of the air!


American Kestrel Vary Map

american kestrel range map


American Kestrels are probably the most widespread and quite a few falcons on the continent, and customary to see in the USA.


Considered one of their favourite methods to catch prey is to hover within the breeze from a comparatively low top, in search of bugs, invertebrates, small rodents, and birds. Their various food plan is one motive they will occupy ecological niches from central Alaska right down to the southernmost tip of South America. Life may be robust if you’re the smallest falcon since they’re generally eaten as prey by bigger raptors, in addition to rat snakes and corn snakes!


American Kestrels are in contrast to most different falcons as a result of women and men look completely different!

common falcons


Males are fairly blue or gray within the wing space, with white bellies and flanks having black barring and/or spots, however their backs are rust-colored (rufous) with black bars, however solely on the decrease half.  Females, alternatively, have rusty coloured backs and wings, however with brown barring.  Their bellies are typically buff or tan, with vital brown streaks.  The heads of each sexes are interchangeable, nevertheless, being white with a blue-grey cap.



Kestrels have a definite name that sounds very similar to it’s saying “klee-klee-klee” or “killy, killy, killy,” which is often repeated quickly. Press the PLAY button above to listen to an instance!


The American Kestrel is comfy round folks, and can fairly generally use human-made nest bins to boost their younger. Their numbers have been steadily declining, so any assist we can provide them is useful. They’re comparatively widespread in the USA as lengthy there are at the very least a number of timber round and may be discovered in lots of habitats, together with parks, pastures, meadows, grasslands, deserts, and meadows.


Size: 9-12 inches / 22-31 cm

Weight: 2.8-5.8 oz. / 80-165 gm

Wingspan: 20-24 inches / 51-61 cm


#3. Merlin

types of falcons in the united states

Merlins are small, fierce falcons which can be widespread throughout the USA. With that being stated, they don’t seem to be that widespread to look at and are unpredictable with reference to their vary. They’re a bit bigger than the American Kestrel, with a stockier construct, sharply pointed wings, and medium-length tail.


Merlin males sometimes have a streaky black to silver-grey again and wings, and a light-colored (tending to a barely orange) chest. However their coloration adjustments relying on their particular vary and if they’re male or feminine. Females are typically lighter than males and are brown-grey to darkish brown on the again and have a whitish entrance with brown spots under.


Merlin Vary Map

merlin range map


Merlins may be discovered virtually in all places in North America.


The precise habitat they use relies upon a bit on precisely the place you reside. Shrublands, grasslands, boreal forests, parks, cemeteries, prairies, coastal areas, and close to rivers are all appropriate habitat. To complicate issues, these raptors migrate and transfer round. Most people migrate south as soon as the climate will get chilly, however there are a number of locations within the nation the place you may see Merlins year-round.


You’ll be able to at all times determine a Merlin by its speedy wingbeats and since it’s so small.  However regardless of its diminutive stature, this falcon is an extremely fierce hen and makes use of shock assaults to carry down its prey. It’s so daring that it has been seen attacking trains and automobiles that enter its territory.  The Merlin is one hen you don’t wish to annoy or make nervous!




Whereas usually silent, it’s doable to listen to a loud, excessive cackle that feels like “klee-klee-klee.” Usually these calls are made throughout courtship or when exhibiting aggression. Press the PLAY button above to listen to an instance!


Merlins depend on their pace and athleticism to catch prey!


Mated pairs have been identified to work cooperatively, with one driving prey proper into the claws of their associate. Like most falcons, Merlins eat all kinds of meals, together with dragonflies, moths, bats, voles, and reptiles. However smaller birds are its main supply of vitamin.  Sparrows, sandpipers, larks, pipits, and even the equally sized rock pigeons are all completely acceptable.


Like most falcons, Merlins don’t construct their very own nests, however as a substitute, they reuse different birds’ deserted properties.  Their favorites are nests constructed by crows, jays, hawks, or magpies. It’s additionally uncommon for them to reuse the identical nests, as a substitute opting to find a brand new one every breeding season.


Size: 9-13 inches / 23-33 cm

Weight: 4.4-10.6 oz. / 125-300 gm

Wingspan: 21-23 inches / 53-58 cm


#4. Prairie Falcon

prairie falcon


You’ll discover the Prairie Falcon within the openness of the west.  Particularly, search for this raptor in grasslands, shrubby deserts, farm fields, and pastures. If there are too many timber round, you then in all probability gained’t discover this stunning hen of prey!


The Prairie Falcon and Peregrine Falcon look related to one another. Actually, these two species diverged from a typical ancestor about 4 million years in the past.  Though roughly the identical measurement, the Prairie Falcon is a significantly lighter hen and requires much less meals in consequence.


Prairie Falcon Vary Map

prairie falcon range map


This hen is discovered nearly anyplace within the western half of the USA and elements of Canada and Mexico.

Prairie Falcons are usually silent, however they’ll sound an alarm name (kik-kik-kik-kik) when defending their nest or territory. Press the PLAY button above to listen to an instance!


These specific falcons are likely to eat no matter is plentiful and simply caught.  For instance, in summer season, they eat largely small mammals, similar to floor squirrels. Throughout winter, their food plan switches to primarily birds, similar to Horned Larks and Western Meadowlarks. People will even cache meals for instances when meals is scarce.

common falcons


Prairie Falcons have a pale brown again, with the segmented look of a turtle shell, however a significantly lighter-colored tail. Its chest is white with vertical darkish brown stripes, whereas the neck is obvious white, and the face is barely buff.


Prairie Falcons wish to play!


They’ve been noticed choosing up manure, carrying it up excessive after which dropping it, solely to catch the cow waste earlier than it hits the bottom. It’s thought that this exercise could assist sharpen their searching abilities. As they are saying, apply makes excellent!


Size: 14.5-18.5 in / 37-47 cm

Weight: 15-39 oz. / 425-1106 gm

Wingspan: 35.5-44.5 in / 90-113 cm


#5. Gyrfalcon


The very first thing we have to talk about in the case of Gyrfalcons is the way to pronounce its identify! As a lot as I wish to say “Gear-falcon” each time, that’s incorrect. The right strategy to pronounce the identify is “JER·falcon.” The start sounds just like the letter “J,” and never the letter “G.” (Click on this hyperlink to listen to somebody saying “Gyrfalcon.”)


Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way in which, let’s discuss extra about this magnificent raptor! The Gyrfalcon, generally often called the Gyr, is the biggest species of falcon on this planet! These raptors are birds of the Arctic, and so they breed on the edges of cliffs in distant areas of Alaska and Canada. Fortunately, they dwell in secluded areas, Gyrfalcons are protected from human disturbances, however they do face challenges from local weather change.


Gyrfalcons are a really polymorphic species, which signifies that its feathers and plumage differ a bit. These falcons vary in shade from virtually solely white to very darkish. Among the morphs make the Gyrfalcon look just like a Peregrine Falcon. Additionally, women and men present no shade variations. The one distinction between sexes is that females are bigger and bulkier than males.

gryfalcon range map


Throughout winter months, Gyrs have to return south from the excessive Arctic to search out meals. Relying on the precise 12 months, you by no means know the way far south they could come!


Gyrfalcons will eat virtually ANYTHING they will catch.


The lengthy listing contains things like hares, floor squirrels, younger Arctic Foxes, lemmings, songbirds, shorebirds, seabirds, waterfowl, and even different raptors, similar to owls, hawks, and the Peregrine Falcon!  With that being stated, their main supply of meals is ptarmigans.


So far as sounds go, Gyrfalcons make a number of. When they’re alarmed, search for a “kak kak kak” noise, which you’ll hear above. When they’re extra relaxed and foraging for meals, you might hear a “chup” sound, which is extra drawn out than the alarm name.


Size: 19-26 inches / 48-65 cm

Weight: 1¾-5 lbs. / 794-2268 gm

Wingspan: 43-63 inches / 110-160 cm


#6. Aplomado Falcon

Aplomado Falcon


This falcon is extremely stunning and colourful. The Aplomado Falcon was as soon as widespread throughout the southwestern United States, however they’re now endangered. They have been doing fairly properly till the Nineteen Thirties, which is when rampant pesticide use (DDT) triggered devastation by making their eggshells so skinny they might not hatch. Fortunately, the usage of DDT has been banned since 1972.


One other continued downside for these birds is the degradation of their habitat. Aplomado Falcons depend upon grasslands. Sadly, for the final hundred years, an unbelievable quantity of land has been transformed to farmland and pastures, which is detrimental to those raptors!


Aplomado Falcon Vary Map

aplomado falcon range map

However fortunately, conservation teams have been working arduous to assist these birds. For instance, about 1,500 Aplomado Falcons have been reintroduced to the southwest, and these people are actually breeding and increasing! Conservationist teams have additionally labored with native landowners and created agreements to guard about two million acres/800 hectares in perpetuity. The birds are actually doing significantly better, however extra work stays earlier than they’re thought of a secure inhabitants.


Aplomado Falcons are skilled hunters, counting on their pace to catch prey.


When flying, these guys are available in quick and low early within the morning, skimming the mesquite bushes to seize some sparrows or doves for breakfast. These raptors are even identified to run on the bottom to catch prey!


An fascinating truth about these falcons is that they hunt cooperatively in pairs! One of many falcons works to flush prey out of a hiding place, whereas the opposite one is ready to seize and make the kill.


The principle sound of an Aplomado Falcon is similar to an American Kestrel. Phonetically, it feels like they’re saying “kek.” This name may be given as a single be aware or put collectively as a series of “kek-kek-kek-kek.” Press the PLAY button above to listen to an instance!


These birds of prey appear to be comfy elevating their younger in fairly a variety of places. Search for nests on the high of tall yucca timber, energy pole cross beams, and even proper within the grime. An fascinating truth about their nests is that Aplomado Falcons by no means construct their very own!  They take over unoccupied nests of different species similar to crows, jays, hawks, ravens, or magpies.


Size: 14-18 inches / 35-45 cm

Weight: 6-14 oz. /  170-400 gm

Wingspan: 30-36 inches / 70-100 cm

#7. Crested Caracara

crested caracara

Figuring out Traits:

  • Massive, long-legged, and the looks of a flat head.
  • Black physique and cap. White neck and cheeks.
  • Orangish pores and skin round their face. Yellow legs.


Crested Caracaras are extremely distinctive. Whereas they’re technically falcons, most individuals suppose they seem like hawks. However to make issues extra complicated, they act like vultures, as their main meals supply is carrion. Consequently, they’re typically seen scavenging on carcasses subsequent to vultures.

caracara and vulture

As in case you are not already confused about Crested Caracaras, the most effective locations to search out these falcons within the southern USA is ON THE GROUND, as they spend lots of time right here strolling round. It’s additionally pretty widespread for these falcons to run down dwell prey, which incorporates reptiles, bugs, and small mammals.

Crested Caracaras should not that widespread in the USA and are seen extra typically in Mexico and South America. However when you come throughout one, there isn’t any different hen that appears related!

Which falcons have you ever seen earlier than in the USA?


Go away a remark under!


To be taught extra about different raptors close to you, try these guides!


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