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6 Confirmed Methods to Entice BLUEBIRDS! (2023)

Nearly wherever you reside in North America, you might have the chance to draw bluebirds.

And severely, why would you not need these lovely birds in your yard?

Male Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) on a snow covered perch

Personally, I believe there may be nothing extra lovely than seeing a bluebird within the snow. The unbelievable distinction of colours all the time stops me in my tracks to observe.

At the moment, I’m offering 6 methods that ought to assist entice bluebirds to your yard!

Which particular species of bluebird you’ll be able to entice is determined by the place you reside! And by chance, the ideas and techniques listed beneath ought to work for every kind.

  • Mountain Bluebird: Breeds in southern Alaska, east to Manitoba, and south to western Nebraska to California. Spends winters all through the western USA.

#1. Present Meals That Bluebirds Will Truly Eat.

attracting bluebirds

Bluebirds will in all probability by no means go to a chook feeding station that ONLY serves typical feeder meals like sunflower, safflower, Nyjer (thistle), peanuts, and many others.

It is because bluebirds naturally feed totally on bugs, snails, worms, and different invertebrates through the hotter months. Within the winter, they change their weight loss plan to berries till the bugs come again.

So I’m positive you’ll be able to see the issue: Bluebirds don’t eat the standard birdseed buffet provided in most chook feeders as a result of the meals don’t align with what they naturally eat.

However don’t fear; it’s potential to draw bluebirds to your chook feeding station with out having to go digging round your backyard for worms and bugs. There may be a simple answer!

Enter the mealworm!

best mealworm feeder

Mealworms are the larvae of the darkling beetle (So technically, they don’t seem to be worms in any respect). They’re simple to boost and commercially accessible as chook meals, pet meals, and fish bait.

And the excellent news is that bluebirds LOVE mealworms!

It might take just a little endurance and energy in your behalf, however one of the best ways to draw bluebirds to your feeding station is by offering mealworms persistently.

There are two methods to buy and use mealworms:

Dwell Mealworms:  View Price – Amazon 

There isn’t a doubt that bluebirds take pleasure in consuming dwelling mealworms essentially the most. The dangerous information is that dwell mealworms are costlier than freeze-dried and it’s essential to present care to maintain them alive.

Dried Mealworms:  View Price – Amazon 

The most effective half about dried mealworms is they’re inexpensive and simpler to retailer and deal with than dwelling ones. The negatives are that bluebirds generally gained’t eat dried mealworms with out some coaching!

In case you are having points getting your bluebirds to eat DRIED mealworms, do that technique:

how to attract bluebirds using mealworms

First, begin with dwell mealworms. As soon as your bluebirds are persistently and eagerly consuming these scrumptious treats, add in just some dried mealworms. We hope they by chance eat one of many dried choices and notice it’s not so dangerous. On daily basis enhance the variety of dried mealworms and reduce the dwell ones.

Ultimately, you’ll have skilled the bluebirds solely to eat dried mealworms! ????

Tip #2. Entice Bluebirds With These Feeders

Now that we all know that bluebirds are drawn to consuming mealworms, we have to discover chook feeders specializing in feeding these scrumptious treats.

Beneath are THREE chook feeders that feed mealworms nicely. Particularly, they every have an edge or wall that stops LIVE mealworms from crawling out!

A. Droll Yankees Domed Platform Feeder

Dome Bluebird feeder

View Price – Amazon 

This clear, domed, plastic feeder is considered one of my favourite chook feeders. It’s extremely versatile, and nearly any meals will be provided in its tray. If you happen to select to offer dwell mealworms, they gained’t be capable of climb the sleek lip of the dish.

I additionally love that the domed prime is adjustable and will be lowered to maintain out bigger birds, akin to grackles!


B. Stokes Snacks and Treats Feeder

eastern bluebird on small bird feeder

View Value – Amazon


This small chook feeder is ideal for providing a small variety of mealworms in your yard. I believe it’s a superb addition to a chook feeding station that already options a number of completely different feeders.

I’m additionally identified to place different specialty meals inside, akin to grapes, jelly, or suet nuggets, relying on the time of yr and what birds I’m attempting to draw.


C. Woodlink 3-in-1 Platform Chook Feeder

tray feeders for feeding suet nuggets

View At the moment’s Value 

I LOVE this tray feeder and personal a couple of of them! One is all the time sitting on the bottom beneath my feeding station, and the opposite is hanging from my feeding pole.

To draw bluebirds, you must grasp this feeder and fill it with mealworms. Dwell mealworms shouldn’t be capable of climb out as a result of excessive wood wall. There may be additionally a display screen backside, so water drains out shortly and retains the meals dry.

To see what feeders I’m presently utilizing, take a look at my LIVE webcam beneath!


Tip #3. Don’t Neglect That Bluebirds Want To Drink


Imagine it or not, most individuals by no means use birdbaths to draw bluebirds to their yards!

I believe this can be a mistake. From a bluebird’s perspective, it may be a bit intimidating to return to a chook feeder to eat meals they aren’t used to consuming in nature (like mealworms)!

However a birdbath that gives freshwater serves two functions. First, bluebirds have to drink day by day to outlive, so having a constant water supply is important for his or her survival. Second, bluebirds prefer to take baths to wash themselves (and who doesn’t?).


So why don’t extra yard birders have birdbaths?

I believe it’s as a result of birdbaths require a little bit of upkeep. The freshwater that you simply pour into your lovely, new bathtub shortly turns into a pool of waste and filth. And the extra birds that use your birdbath, the more severe the issue turns into.

I do a fast clear out of my bathtub and change the gross water with contemporary each different day. Then each few weeks I take a hose and scrub brush and do an intensive cleansing. Belief me, when you get within the behavior, sustaining a birdbath is simple, and fully definitely worth the effort to draw bluebirds!

Who is aware of, you might even see some thrilling new animals (such because the beneath hawk!) come to your birdbath!

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Lastly, be sure that to maintain the water heated in winter! ????


Tip #4. Make Your Yard Habitat Bluebird-Pleasant.


To assist entice bluebirds, it’s worthwhile to create a habitat that these birds use in nature! One of the simplest ways to try this is plant timber, shrubs, and flowers that attraction to them.

So what kinds of crops are greatest for attracting bluebirds?

Effectively, bear in mind we discovered earlier that bluebirds depend on two kinds of meals for survival: bugs and berries. So in order for you an opportunity at seeing bluebirds, be sure that your landscaping consists of a number of crops that present these two meals.

Attracting bluebirds to your backyard and garden


Crops That Entice and Present Bugs:

In relation to choosing crops to make use of in your yard that present bugs, there may be solely ONE requirement:

You could use NATIVE timber, shrubs, and flowers!

That’s as a result of grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, and caterpillars, that are bluebirds’ favourite meals, are solely drawn to crops native to North America.

This is sensible when you consider it; that lovely shrub from China on the market at your native backyard retailer might look fairly, however native bugs and arthropods are usually not tailored to it and due to this fact gained’t be attracted. And if bugs don’t like your crops, then birds that eat these bugs gained’t be coming to your yard!


If you happen to DON’T WANT wildlife in your yard, my #1 tip is to plant unique crops from all over the world!

To assist discover native crops which are native to your area, I’ve two suggestions:

  • Discuss to your native backyard retailer, nursery, or chook membership for recommendation.

  • Try this native plant search device from the Nationwide Audubon Society. –> View HERE.


Crops That Present Berries For Bluebirds:

how to attract bluebirds all year long and season

Bluebirds eat berries any time all year long, however they grow to be an particularly necessary a part of their weight loss plan in winter.

That’s as a result of there aren’t any bugs to eat as soon as the climate turns chilly! Bluebirds HAVE to eat berries to outlive.

In your yard, my suggestion is to plant a number of kinds of native berry-producing crops. Make sure that to pick out some crops that ripen through the summer time months, together with varieties which have berries that ripen in late Fall, which can present meals for bluebirds by way of winter.


Listed below are a couple of extra suggestions when creating your bluebird habitat:

A. Don’t Reduce Down Lifeless Bushes!

I do know lifeless timber will be an eyesore, however rotting wooden is the place woodpeckers create cavities, that are the nesting websites that bluebirds will finally use.

B. Don’t Trim Lifeless Limbs Off Bushes!

bluebirds nesting and living in your backyard

Lifeless limbs are generally trimmed off timber. These lifeless limbs might look horrible to a home-owner, however many birds use these outdated branches as perches. Perches are crucial for bluebirds as a result of it gives them a spot to take a seat, relaxation, groom, search for meals, and defend their territory.

C. Bluebirds like open areas.

Usually, bluebirds like open areas and are usually not usually present in forests.

Here’s a temporary description of the habitat that every bluebird species want:


Japanese Bluebird: Will be present in meadows and open areas surrounded by timber. Search for them on the edges of roads, golf programs, and fields. I all the time see Japanese Bluebirds at an area Christmas tree farm.

Western Bluebird: These birds take pleasure in open woodlands, each coniferous and deciduous. You can even see them in backyards and farmland, they usually dwell from sea stage all the best way up into the mountains.

Mountain Bluebird: Because the title suggests, these birds are frequent to see at medium to increased elevations. Search for them in native habitats akin to prairie, sagebrush steppe, and even alpine tundra, wherever with an open nation that features at the least a couple of timber that may present nest cavities.


Tip #5. Cling Some Nestboxes!

All species of bluebirds are cavity nesters, which implies they’ll ONLY nest inside a cavity or gap. And bluebirds are NOT in a position to excavate and create their very own holes, so within the wild, they must nest inside outdated woodpecker holes in lifeless pine or oak timber.

As you think about, most individuals don’t have lifeless timber of their yard with giant beforehand used woodpecker holes drilled inside that bluebirds can use to boost their chicks.

However we’re in luck!

Bluebirds frequently use and nest inside human-made birdhouses!

The truth that so many bird-lovers have put in nest containers throughout the nation is a big purpose that bluebird populations have elevated dramatically over time after a severe decline within the twentieth century (extra on this within the subsequent part).

attract Mountain bluebirds with nestboxes

You probably have an acceptable area for bluebirds, then I like to recommend attempting to draw them to boost a household in your yard.

If putting in a couple of bluebird nestboxes sounds intriguing, please learn the next article devoted to this matter. There may be WAY an excessive amount of data to share on this publish alone!


Tip #6. You Should Plan For Home Sparrows.


By now I’m positive you might be extremely excited to rework your yard into an oasis that bluebirds can’t resist!

However sadly, I could have some dangerous information for you.

If you happen to dwell in an city or suburban space that’s infested with Home Sparrows, it might not be definitely worth the effort to attempt to entice bluebirds. In actual fact, it could even be harmful for them!

Bluebirds and House Sparrows

Right here’s a quick historical past of the connection between bluebirds and the invasive, non-native Home Sparrow:

Home Sparrows are from Europe and have been launched to the US in 1850. Since then, these extremely adaptable birds have expanded their vary throughout your entire continent, and they’re now present in nearly each nook of the world. Home Sparrows particularly take pleasure in being close to individuals, as they’re normally the chook you see attempting to steal your popcorn and bread at amusement parks!

However Home Sparrows are dangerous information for bluebirds!

That’s as a result of Home Sparrows use the identical nesting cavities as bluebirds. They could not look the half, however Home Sparrows are EXTREMELY aggressive, they usually nearly ALWAYS outcompete bluebirds for accessible nesting websites and birdhouses.

Home Sparrows even generally KILL bluebirds inside nestboxes to wipe away their competitors.

So in case you dwell in an city space that already has a number of Home Sparrows, placing up a birdhouse for bluebirds is barely going to encourage Home Sparrows to nest inside. And if you’re fortunate sufficient to accommodate a bluebird, you run the danger of getting a Home Sparrow assault or injure the bluebird.

If you happen to determine to hold a bluebird home, it’s essential to observe the nest field day by day. If you happen to discover a Home Sparrow has taken up residence inside, then it’s worthwhile to take away it instantly!

Bluebirds and European Starlings

Lastly, European Starlings, that are one other invasive species from Europe, are additionally an issue for bluebirds. The excellent news is that starlings are too giant to suit into most bluebird homes so long as the doorway gap is 1.5 inches or much less in diameter. However starlings will nonetheless attempt to attain inside and seize child bluebirds to eat.


Why Is Attracting Bluebirds Necessary?

How to attract western bluebirds

Just a few a long time in the past, bluebirds have been in extreme decline and unusual to see throughout a lot of North America.

If it wasn’t for the dedication of numerous people and organizations just like the North American Bluebird Society, who’ve tirelessly arrange bluebird trails across the continent, who is aware of what the standing of those lovely birds could be at present.

Although bluebirds at the moment are a fairly frequent sight, they’re nonetheless prone to being outcompeted by Home Sparrows for valuable nesting websites. They might all the time use assist from devoted birders to feed them nutritious mealworms, plant native timber, and supply acceptable nesting containers.

I hope that after studying this publish, you’re feeling motivated to implement these 6 suggestions in your yard to assist entice these lovely birds!

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