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3 Issues You Ought to Do If You Discover a Child Chicken! (2023)

So that you discovered a child fowl and wish to assist.

what to do with a baby bird?

First, let me commend you on having a giant and beneficiant coronary heart. ???? I do know it’s unhappy to discover a helpless creature, and also you simply wish to do what’s finest for it.

Immediately, you’ll be taught EXACTLY what to do with a child fowl!

However earlier than we start, let’s evaluate the totally different phases {that a} child fowl goes via.


This info is VERY vital to evaluate and perceive, so you may finest assist.


what to do with a baby bird - hatchling

These are birds that had been simply born and are utterly helpless. They shouldn’t have any feathers on them and will not even have the ability to open their eyes.


baby birds - nestlings

These child birds are at the very least a number of days outdated. They sometimes have some feathers or fluffy down on them and are pretty energetic, however they don’t depart the nest and might’t handle themselves.


baby birds fledglings

These are child birds which have left the nest on their very own. They sometimes look considerably awkward (like most youngsters!) and have most of their feathers. They will often fly only a bit or can at the very least hop on the bottom. Many fledglings even keep round their dad and mom for one more week or two AFTER leaving the nest to obtain extra care and help.

Okay, so now that you understand the totally different phases a child fowl goes via, what do you have to do subsequent?

#1. Go away the child fowl alone!


Sure, I do know that you just wish to try to assist. However in most situations, the BEST factor you are able to do is NOT to do something. ????


Let me be clear that this technique ONLY applies to FLEDGLING birds.


Bear in mind, fledglings are child birds which have already left the nest on their very own. They will hop round and will even have the ability to fly for brief durations. They’ve a variety of feathers, however total they nonetheless look very younger.


In truth, seeing a fledgling out of the nest is EXACTLY what nature has supposed.

baby bird - mourning dove

A fledgling Mourning Dove. Go away them alone!


For instance, each summer season, we now have Mourning Doves that nest throughout our yard. The hatchlings develop quick and depart the nest after solely about two weeks. However…


These fledgling Mourning Doves undoubtedly don’t appear to be adults! In truth, they really nonetheless depend on their dad and mom to feed them for one more week or two, besides that it occurs on the bottom as an alternative of within the nest. The immature birds cover in bushes and brush, ready for Mother or Dad to come back again with meals.


When you had been to catch one among these fledgling birds, then it might be going straight in opposition to what’s pure for Mourning Doves! You’d truly be placing them in extreme hazard. Sadly, many individuals find yourself harming fledglings, though they had been solely making an attempt to “assist.”


I do know that each intuition in your physique desires to assist.


However the BEST factor you are able to do for fledglings is to depart them alone!


And likewise, preserve your canines, cats, and children out of the yard as a lot as doable for a number of days.


Now, when you discovered a helpless hatchling or nestling, please preserve studying. ????


#2. Put the child fowl again in its nest!


Up to now, we now have realized that you must depart FLEDGLINGS alone.


Now, let’s speak about what to do when you discover a HATCHLING or NESTLING.

hatchling bird vs nestling bird

Bear in mind, these are child birds that ought to not have left their nest but. Sometimes, they’re helpless and most probably can’t even transfer on their very own. They’re both bare or principally coated in fluffy down (you might even see a number of flight feathers).


The BEST factor you are able to do to assist a child fowl is to search out the nest it fell from.


Gently decide it up and place it again inside. Be certain that to search for different hatchlings or nestlings that look the identical. You don’t wish to put the child fowl within the improper nest!


Since child birds can’t journey very far, the nest needs to be shut. Be sure to don’t ONLY look in tree branches since totally different species have totally different nest preferences. Shrubs and enclosed cavities (like fowl homes) are highly regarded spots. And consider it or not, some birds even nest straight on the bottom, comparable to in thick grass.


At this level, you could be occupied with some info that you just acquired as a child, and it goes one thing like this:


By no means contact a child fowl as a result of the mom will have the ability to scent you, after which she’s going to abandon the nest.”


Imagine it or not, this recommendation is completely FALSE!


Most birds haven’t any sense of scent within the first place. My guess is somebody began this rumor to forestall children from messing with fowl nests.


So you don’t have anything to worry if you decide up a child fowl. However they’re fragile creatures, so be light.

Bear in mind, this technique is ONLY for HATCHLINGS and NESTLINGS!


If the fowl you discovered is a FLEDGLING, you then shouldn’t attempt to put it again within the nest, because it left by itself. Additionally, a fledgling can hop round and form of fly, which suggests the fowl could also be fairly a distance away from the unique nest.


However what if your entire nest blew out of the tree?


It’s not fully unusual to search out a whole nest of child birds that had been blown to the bottom after a giant storm. This presents a novel downside as a result of clearly, you may’t simply put a child fowl again into the nest if it’s not there anymore!


If you end up on this state of affairs, then you may attempt one among two issues:

  • If doable, gently decide up the nest and attempt to put it again the place it got here from. You could possibly see items of the nest nonetheless caught in a tree or bush. If not, then discover a safe spot the place the nest can have help and security.


  • You possibly can attempt to create a brand new nest for the child birds! For extra info on how to do that, take a look at the video beneath:


As you may see above, attempt discovering a dangling pot, filling it with various kinds of grasses, mulch, and even an outdated t-shirt, after which putting the child birds inside. If it’s accessible, put the unique nest on high.


This technique may also be used when you CAN’T discover the unique nest.


It’s possible you’ll end up within the horrible place of discovering a nestling or hatchling on the bottom, and you might be unable to find the unique nest. It’s in all probability an extended shot, however you may attempt making your personal nest for the child fowl and hanging it in a close-by tree. When you’re fortunate, the dad and mom will discover it and begin to handle it once more.


#3. Name an animal rehabber to assist the child fowl!

wildlife rehabilitation

If you’re satisfied that the fowl will not be going to outlive as a result of it’s injured, its dad and mom are lifeless, or you may’t discover the unique nest, then you must name a neighborhood wildlife rehabilitator. These individuals might be skilled on what to do and might hopefully offer you recommendation on the following steps.


So how do you discover a licensed wildlife rehabilitator?


I can’t stress sufficient that you must solely name a rehabilitator when you really feel strongly that it wants extra care. Please don’t attempt to increase a child fowl both, as they’ve complicated dietary wants. Normally, your good intentions will simply result in untimely demise.


Lastly, it’s unlawful to boost any wild animal in captivity and not using a allow.


Nature, pink in tooth and claw


It may be heart-wrenching to discover a child fowl, particularly if it’s a younger nestling and you may’t find the unique nest.


Sadly, the percentages of it surviving aren’t superb. These younger birds want specialised care from their moms.

I do know this may be powerful to listen to, nevertheless it’s the reality. Child birds have EXTREMELY excessive mortality charges.


In truth, birds have advanced to provide far more younger than can ever hope to outlive.


For instance, in hotter climates, Mourning Doves have as many as SIX broods of infants yearly. Since they’ve 2 eggs per brood, that implies that every pair can produce 12 new Mourning Doves in that breeding season. If all of those younger birds survived, then quickly, the entire continent could be taken over by Mourning Doves.


I hope this final part isn’t too miserable and you can save the child fowl that you just discovered by getting it again right into a nest or with a neighborhood wildlife rehabber.


What would you do when you discovered a child fowl?


Did I miss something?


If that’s the case, please share beneath!


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