15 Nice Bernese Mountain Canine Grooming Ideas

grooming bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Canines are stunning canine with thick, immediately recognizable coats. They’re a breed that’s constructed to work; they’re at house within the Swiss Alps mountains, the place they’re used as farm canine. The Bernese Mountain Canine is the one canine within the Sennenhund group (alpine herders) with lengthy hair.

The Bernese has an excellent and calm temperament, so grooming this lengthy, thick fur is normally satisfying, however you may by no means have sufficient ideas and tips up your sleeve! We gathered 15 nice ideas that will help you groom your Bernese Mountain Canine completely, making certain you each benefit from the expertise.

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Earlier than You Start: Collect Your Gear

You must by no means go away your canine alone round sharp gear like shears or within the tub. That is particularly harmful, so be sure you have all of your gear available earlier than you begin! It’s additionally finest to allocate sufficient time to groom your Bernese, as they’re giant, thick-furred canine that may take a while to groom. Lastly, guarantee you’ve got some treats to encourage your pup; not solely will it maintain them candy whilst you’re grooming them, however it’ll make the expertise nice for you each.

Gear you’ll have to groom your Bernese Mountain Canine contains:

  • Brushes that may deal with a thick coat, like heavy-duty pin and bristle brushes, and a slicker

  • A hand-held comb

  • Blunt-ended shears

  • Treats

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The 15 Nice Bernese Mountain Canine Grooming Ideas

1. Make Grooming Enjoyable From Begin to End

Grooming doesn’t should be a worrying expertise for you and your canine. Get your self and your canine cozy on the ground (tables are a foul concept for Bernese as they’re so giant), and verify your canine’s response to the method frequently as you groom. Discuss to your canine through the course of, as grooming classes are an incredible alternative to bond.

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2. Start by Loosening the Coat

Whenever you start grooming, separating your canine’s coat into sections is a good suggestion. Bernese Mountain Canines have thick, double-layered coats; making certain you attain the underlayer is vital to stopping tangles from forming. Use a wide-toothed comb to determine any areas of tangling and gently tease them out. Working via the highest layer first may also help with visibility.

3. Part the Hair

As soon as the coat has been loosened, you may start to work on combing it out in sections. Start working on the underlayer first, holding the longer overcoat out of the way in which whilst you brush. Be sure to empty your brush frequently as you’re employed, as there will likely be plenty of shed hair. This methodology ensures the coat is completely groomed, so whereas it does take time, it’s definitely worth the effort.

4. Determine Any Areas of Massive Knotting

Search for clumps of knots or tangles as you sweep. House owners can gently tease out small tangles with their fingers whereas they work via the coat, however bigger clusters will should be thinned out first or would possibly even want slicing out if they will’t be untangled. Brush via the untangled hair completely however gently.

a woman brushing the hair of bernese mountain dog
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5. Don’t Neglect the Undercarriage

Areas just like the armpits, stomach, and between the legs are coated in finer hair than on the remainder of your Bernese Mountain Canine’s physique. This fur is usually longer and tufty, which means it may well get tangled simpler. These areas are delicate, however sadly, they typically require extra grooming. That is because of the fur motion within the space, growing the possibility of knots forming (notably within the armpits). Be sure you’re cautious whenever you comb this hair out, and cease when you come to a knot you’re uncomfortable eradicating.

6. Pay Consideration to the Genital Space

Each female and male Bernese Mountain Canines could have fur overlaying their genitals that must be addressed. Male canine have tufts of hair on the finish of their penis that may get tangled and soiled, so a groom (and a wash) is required. Wash off any dust with heat water and gently separate any clumps of fur or knots. Feminine Bernese would possibly want a clear and delicate brush if they’re in season and never neutered.

7. Dealing With Tufts

Being long-haired canine, the Bernese has a number of areas that may develop longer, extra tufty hair. This feathering can develop very lengthy on the hind legs and over the elbows on the forelegs. As a result of the hair is finer and wispier, it’s liable to tangling and attracts muck and dirt. A comb can gently detangle the fur earlier than ending with shears when you want to take some size off and stop extra tangles from forming.

hair of bernese mountain dog
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8. Grooming the Face

The fur on a Bernese Mountain Dg’s face is extra dense than the fur on the remainder of its physique. Faces get soiled typically as canine are at all times nose-to-the-ground, and shed fur can’t escape in addition to it may well in less-dense areas. A small slicker brush is nice for this; it’s good at pulling outdated hair from the coat and giving it a sheen. Watch out of your Bernese’s eyes, nostril, and lips!

9. Have a look at Their Ears

An ear clear and verify is important to grooming a Bernese Mountain Canine. They’ve ears that flop over, so whereas they’re cute, they will entice dust and are extra liable to infections than straight-eared canine. To verify your Bernese’s ears, gently maintain one up at a time and verify for any redness, irritation, or discharge. Filth typically appears to be like brown, and a build-up of brown wax can signify an issue. The outer ears could be cleaned with an ear cleaner and gently wiped off.

10. Test Their Enamel

Enamel brushing ought to already be part of your Bernese’s each day routine. Gently increase its lips and have a look at its enamel as a part of their weekly groom, being cautious to not harm them. Search for any redness or swelling of the gums and any tartar build-up. These could be early indicators of gum illness and tooth decay, which a vet ought to assess as quickly as doable to forestall the issue from worsening.

teeth of bernese mountain dog
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11. Nail Clipping

Nails needs to be clipped frequently to maintain them in fine condition; as soon as every week as a part of the groom is sufficient. If wanted, the claws could be clipped utilizing a guillotine clipper or nail scissors and filed into form. In case your Bernese Mountain Canine frequently walks on concrete, it should put on its nails down. If you should clip them, pay attention to the fast; the fast is the pink half on the base of the nail that gives blood and vitamins to the remainder of it.

The short is well seen on white nails however tougher to see on darkish nails. Clip in small increments at an angle, and cease when you discover a small pink or pale dot forming in the midst of the canine’s nail; this means that the fast is shut.

12. Brush Your Bernese Extra Throughout Shedding Season

Bernese Mountain Canines shed their coats closely twice a yr. This occurs all yr spherical however is rather more noticeable throughout shedding season. So be ready for lots of hair! When this g occurs, extra common grooming is required to maintain your Bernese snug and scale back the cleanup for you. A very good brush will gather all of the shed hair, and instruments like rakes and curry brushes can strip the hair out of the coat with minimal fuss.

13. If Caught, Contemplate Hiring a Groomer

Bernese Mountain Canines are huge, and in the event that they’re cussed, it may well make grooming difficult. Even a superbly behaved canine gained’t like having tangles pulled; any ache skilled through the course of could make them antagonistic to grooming sooner or later. In case your Bernese has tangles or mats that you simply’re not assured coping with, make an appointment with knowledgeable groomer. They’ve specialist coaching and instruments to take care of all types of coats and issues, and your canine will thanks.

female groomer drying and brushing the hair of bernese mountain dog
Picture Credit score: Helen Sushitskaya, Shutterstock

14. Preserve It Constructive

Above all, by no means shout at your Bernese Mountain Canine whereas grooming, use bodily punishment, or yank on tangles. This may scare your canine, trigger ache, and make it very troublesome to groom it sooner or later. Utilizing damaging habits when grooming gained’t change how they act in the event that they’re scared or uncomfortable; gentleness, persistence, and reward go a good distance when encouraging a nervous canine to chill out right into a grooming session. Should you make the groom constructive, it’ll make grooming simpler sooner or later.

15. Preserve the Atmosphere Calm

This tip is for each the Bernese Mountain Canine and its groomer. Stress administration could make a giant distinction to the general grooming expertise. Preserve noise to a minimal and restrict the variety of individuals current for the groom. The groomer (you) and one helper are sufficient.

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To Bathe or To not Bathe?

Common bathing of your Bernese Mountain Canine is beneficial in most circumstances. Whilst you ought to solely bathe them if wanted, some Bernese like to get soiled whereas taking part in exterior. Bathing a canine of this dimension shouldn’t be undertaken calmly; you’ll want two individuals to do a great job.

As a result of the Bernese Mountain Canine is long-haired, a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can maintain the coat tangle free and lustrous whereas conditioning the pores and skin. A non-slip mat within the tub is important, because it’s simple for canine to slide on the bathtub ground. Contemplate getting an additional rug for the lavatory ground, because it’s more likely to appear to be a bushy swimming pool as soon as the bathtub is completed!

Most significantly, guarantee your Bernese Mountain Canine is totally dry as soon as the bathtub is completed. Absorbent towels are wanted, because the coat is thick and might entice moisture, making them chilly. If you wish to bathe your Bernese Mountain Canine, groom them first! Wetting tangled fur will tangle it additional, making it tougher to separate.

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Bernese Mountain Canines have beautiful coats that may be difficult to groom if not ready. They’re long-haired canine that shed all yr, with two “shedding seasons” requiring extra intense grooming. The Bernese could be groomed at house, and the information we’ve laid out above may also help information you thru it. We hope you’ve discovered our ideas and tips informative; you may take them with you whenever you start your grooming session to make sure you groom your Bernese Mountain Canine completely, from prime to tail.

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